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The best player in the world, deserves the best tech.

Yet another day, yet another performance review. I’m back with my thoughts on the second signature model, the Under Armour Curry Two, of reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry. Under Armour introduces the basketball world to Speedform, and tweaks the Charged cushion setup from the Curry One, but just how much better is the Curry Two than its predecessor? Only one way to find out…

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  1. Great review and love the video shots; so clear and whoever is holding that camera… great job with the steady hand! I agree that UA can do more with the speedform… I agree more that this is a great shoe and I just love these!

  2. great review makes me want a pair! Any hope of them being released in a women version? they would be great on the wood floor for my fitness classes. Love the colors too!

    1. It would have been! Had the upper been full-length Speedform. If we give them a hall of fame badge that means its the best they can do, but we know they can do better.

    2. I’m hoping that the low version that we got a peak of is really going to have the full length speed form upper. I’ve been hesitant to pull the trigger while waiting for those to drop.

  3. Need to address the fact that you cannot take out the insoles, they are stitched in. Tried them one time and my heel was sore and the no padding upper rubbed my ankle bone. If you are going to stitch the insole get something that handles high impact which is what the game of basketball is. Looks great but support is subpar, and stitched insole is deal breaker.

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