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Under Armour Curry Two Officially Unveiled + Release Info

The Under Armour Curry Two has a US release date. You’ll be able to grab Curry’s second signature shoe starting October 24 with retail being listed at $130.

SpeedForm upper, Charged cushion, and multidirectional traction. Yeah…these sound beastly. Really excited to try these out on-court as the Curry One is still one of my favorites to play in this year – you can check their ranking on our Top 10 Basketball Shoes of 2015 (so far) here.

Check out the official images and tech specs below. Stay tuned for more. Under Armour Curry Two Officially Unveiled + Release Info 1 Under Armour Curry Two Officially Unveiled + Release Info 2 Under Armour Curry Two Officially Unveiled + Release Info 3 Under Armour Curry Two Officially Unveiled + Release Info 4

  1. Good thing with Speedform is that there’s a million colorways you can do with the materials. Looking forward to seeing more cuz the blue, red, this one, and black weren’t my favorites. The USA color so far has been the best.

  2. The tech specs sound great. The price is also great too. I thought they would go up to $140, but only going up $10 is very good of UA IMO. They’re not going to shoot themselves in the foot because of their pricing.

    Have many of you guys tried the Speedform running shoes? If so, how does the upper feel and how durable would it be for Basketball?

    1. Speedform uppers feel amazing. They are soft, fit exactly to the foot so they feel like a sock without feeling tight, and contain well on the runners. However, in the runner it does not have much in the way of lateral support or rigidity. I am speaking from experience with my 2 pairs of the Fortis. I wear them all the time now and prefer them over my Nike Free 5.0. With that said, I would never wear the Fortis for ball. It just doesn’t have enough support structure for that. I am really interested in experiencing the SpeedForm tech on a ball shoe though and seeing what it has to offer. I hope that helps.

      1. Thanks for the info, Trezz. It sounds good. I’m sure they will modify it for lateral movements and support. I was just wondering if it was durable on the runners. I figured for a Basketball shoe it might rip on you if it’s a soft material.

        1. They appear durable on the runners. I haven’t put them through anything too tough yet though but while it’s soft, they are layered and feel like they can hold up to a beating if need be. I haven’t read about durability issues either so hopefully that holds true.

    1. Good catch. I think you’re right. I wonder how the forefoot will feel if it’s not fully Speedform.

      I don’t understand how it can be very effective if they don’t use the Speedform tech on the whole upper like they do on the runners.

      Another example is the Clutchfit Drive 2 lows. It seems like they only have a very small amount of Clutchfit tech on the upper, so how can that be effective? I hope they’re not doing that just so they can still use the name Clutchfit and it actually does still have some functionality and benefits to having it there. If not, I’m not too pleased with that kind of strategy if it’s only there for naming purposes.

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