Under Armour Curry One ‘Playoff’ – Available Now

The Golden State Warriors have been rolling in the postseason, as is UA with the Under Armour Curry One ‘Playoff’ colorway that is available now.

The sneaker is similar to the ‘Home’ launch colorway in that it matches #dubsnation to a T. The Royal Blue and Taxi Yellow really matches the Warrior team colors, although the blue is a bit darker than the jerseys. Steph Curry has been wearing this colorway, along with PEs and his MVP colorway that will release in June.

The Under Armour Curry One ‘Playoff’ can be found for #$120 at the online shops below:

Under Armour | Finish Line

Under Armour Curry One 'Playoff' - Up Close & Personal 14 Under Armour Curry One 'Playoff' - Up Close & Personal 2 Under Armour Curry One 'Playoff' - Up Close & Personal 11


  1. I wish this was available in Canada. Do you know how depressing it is to see a shoe and colorway that I love slip away and I can do nothing about it? :'(

  2. could have copped but changed my mind because the blue is darker than original dubnation colors guess the other pics were deceiving showing the blue is bright but in personal its dark so for me this shoe is a no

    1. It’s only slightly darker, judging by the photos on Finish Line. The photos in the article are a little filtered.

    2. I walked in to finishline and no one was there and picked em up. Each finishline got random sizes though so hurry up.

  3. If any body got a size 8-8.5 and are feeling generous, that’d be a huge thanks…. When you get amped for 2 months for nothing.

  4. Only up to size 13 and sold out in seconds. UA has learned from the worst (Nike). Hey UA? Just because size 14 and 15 of earlier colorways are still available because you OVER produced them doesn’t mean then you should produce none.

  5. Never thought I would see the day when UA had a shoe that sells out in 10 seconds, let alone a basketball shoe

  6. If you are reading this it is already too late. I was 7th in line at a finish line. Waited from about 7:45am for them to open at 10am. By 10 there where a 100 people in line. They only had a few pairs and had to let customers come in one by one. They only had one pair of 9.5’s for the guy in front of me.

      1. …… I thought you were lying since they look so much just like team colors…. I guess the curry hype is real…. #NightWingKnows……forreal

  7. i wont cop these instead ill just cop the father to son curry 1s those are sick and i also red an article that steph curry’s favorite pairs are candy reign and father to son

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