Under Armour Curry One ‘MVP’ – Detailed Look & Review

The Under Armour Curry One ‘MVP’ released this morning and they were more sought after than this mornings Jordan Retro release. Luckily I was able to grab a pair and wanted to share with you guys on how I think UA did with the shoe. You’ll see in the video that the materials aren’t my favorite, but they killed it with the colorway. Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoy!


  1. I love these for looks but I just got 11s and 14s for reasonable price
    Speaking of that, does anyone know how to keep the foam teeth from pealing of in the 14

  2. UA really hit a Grand Slam with Steph and the Curry 1’s. Smooth colorway for sure. NW you are the Lebron James of shoe reviews.

  3. “Luckily”…ha, guessing they were delivered to your front door without you even asking.

    1. Don’t just assume. Nightwing does his legwork just like everyone else. Even if he did get them for free, can’t you just be happy for a guy doing what he loves?

    2. Hey, look who’s an A-hole and has no appreciation for people who put forth time and effort to help him out. That’s you, hill tree.

  4. The So Cal release had a lot of people in LA really salty with this release. HoH in the Beverly Center only had 13 pairs. I’m glad I slept in, and ordered through UA.

    Nice review, I was guessing UA used the same materials as the Dub Nation release two weeks ago. I just have to wait a few days until I get my pair in the mail.

  5. Of minimum that is in condition that there is not it even if I want to purchase it
    Net environment!
    However … Without being given up; is 530 dollars in ebay!
    It is a pinch in the wallet which I have bought!

  6. Vinyl plasticky? Man, can’t say I’m glad about that.

    Any Curry 1 Playoff/#DubNation owners here? What’s the upper like on those compared to these?

  7. Nightwing, will UA ever release the yellow and blue colorway steph is wearing in the finals?

  8. hey NW, will UA release other cws of the curry1 mids or will they stick to lows after the “father to son” cw?

  9. That UA logo texture is also seen on other Curry 1 colorways like the “Under Dog” (bred). Yup, and I agree with you that they are dope.

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