Under Armour Curry One ‘Golf’ Pack – Low and High Available Now

Hit the country club courses in these grass inspired sneakers with the Under Armour Curry One ‘Golf’ pack.

The low-top in the pack is made up in ‘Scratch Green’ while the high-top has ‘Scratch White’ accents. This plays into the overall golf theme, as a scratch golfer is one who plays with a handicap of 0 or below. Basically, a scratch golfer is pretty good.

Stephen Curry picked up the sport and his family thinks he’s good enough to go pro. This interest in golf is the main inspiration behind the colorways on Steph’s first signature shoe. If you’re wondering what the difference between the low and high-top is, there really isn’t a performance difference as the extra collar height is more for the personal preferences of the wearer.

Be Steph Curry with the tee (or at least look like him) by copping the Under Armour Curry One ‘Golf’ pack, just click below each sneaker. Refresh the links around 10am EST to cop a pair.

Men’s: Under Armour | Foot LockerEastbay
Grade School: Foot LockerEastbay

Men’s: Under Armour | Finish Line | Foot Locker | Champs | Eastbay


  1. Is it just my pairs or the quality of Curry Ones not…that great (aesthetically).

    I have both the Home Mid/High and Panthers Low. The paint that separates the charged foam from the rest of the midsole is crooked/sloppy. Also have paint bubbles on the midsoles. The panthers pair also has uneven foam on the achilles area.

    I don’t mean to be picky or anything, but I’d just like to know if thats how it really is with pairs in other countries. The pairs displayed at other stores are kind of a hit or miss as well. I bought both pairs from UA Brand Houses in the Philippines.

    1. I have the underdog colorway, mine also has excess glue on it. The paint that seperates the charged and the micro g is crooked also. I don’t have a problem with it. Where you from bro? I’m from the Philippines.

      1. Yeah, I’m from the PH too.

        The excess glue, I used a knife to scrape it off and some tweezers. Just had to made sure that it wasn’t gonna run continuously (like pulling a string off a shirt).

    2. It can be hit or miss. I’ve seen pairs that have glue stains and slight discolorations on the midsoles, but the three pairs i have are all perfect.

      1. I know, it sucks. I get mine from UA brand houses themselves and one would think that they would be getting the better quality pairs. And the pairs I have seen from non-UA stores mostly have better quality.

  2. So far all three of mine have no flaws. Some small gaps between the arch plate and stitching but I had to look closely. My mids have some things that dont look perfect but I’ve also been wearing them for months. I live in West Virginia.

  3. How are you guys even getting these shoes I’ve tried to get each pair of the mids and they’re always sold out. Hopefully I can snag some of the curry 2’s when they hit shelves.

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