The Under Armour Curry 3ZER0 II Has Been Unveiled

Fresh off the first wide release of the Curry 5, the Internets have churned up the Under Armour Curry 3ZER0 II.

The Under Armour Curry 3ZER0 II is the second edition of the original Curry 3ZER0, a team/takedown model of the Curry signature line. The first iteration was a surprisingly good sneaker; it performed well and earned high marks in Nightwing2303’s Under Armour Curry 3ZER0 Performance Review. Early images of the new shoe show a similar bulky design as its predecessor.

Now, for tech specs: the 3ZER0 II features a molded maxprene upper with zonal restriction engineered from within, according to Under Armour. There is a singular webbed lacing system in place, while the tongue is integrated with the upper for breathability and fit.

The sneaker rides atop a die-cut EVA sockliner and a dual density midsole that combines Micro G and Charged Cushioning. The two-piece outsole features an extended lateral wrap for 360-degree traction.

Expect the Under Armour Curry 3ZER0 II to retail for $100 and arrive around August.

What do you think of the latest in the 3ZER0 series? Let us know in the comments below.

under armour curry 3ZER0 II

under armour curry 3ZER0 II brkicks

Image via @brkicks


  1. These look intriguing but look like they either fit 100% or otherwise will destroy your feet

  2. Wow these are ugly. Who thought this wad a good idea?? Under armour ia slacking on the aesthetics.

  3. First of all, I think these are galactically ugly. Couldn’t they at least try to make it look decent? Of course, if its a killer performer, that doesn’t matter to me.

    The neoprene upper is intriguing. I think its a pretty underrated material on a shoe. Worked great on the Crazy Explosive 2016. Its not as visually sexy as a knit, but its stretchy, breathable, and light.

  4. These look horrible…. and the lace loops, they look like they’ll tear after awhile. Only thing is I assume the cushion might be decent as thick as the sole looks. But big pass for me

  5. I don’t mean to complain in every UA post, but to think there are people in the design team giving a green light to this kind of stuff…I hope it plays much better than it looks.

    There’s something about the lacing pattern that seems off to me. I’m wondering why the bottom two examples skimp on the lace hole at the ankle, regardless if we’re talking men vs kid sizing.

    1. The bottom two are probably the final product. The first one looks like it might be a computer render.

  6. I always wanted to buy a pair of Curry’s but could not stand how the cushioning department was lacking. Mico G and Charge does have my interest.

    I just gotta hope that they look alright on feet. That side profile got me cringing.

  7. Great example of a signature shoe vs. team shoe. Steph would prefer not having any cushion, and that’s evident with the Curry 5. Happy to see UA making something for more consumers to enjoy, and I’m even happier to hear about Micro G being present albeit part of a dual density setup with Charged foam.

  8. Looks like support will be INCREDIBLY fit dependent. Biggest concern I have is the way the midsole profile gets smaller as it gets closer to front of the shoe. Hopefully it doesn’t give an exaggerated on the toes feeling when on foot.

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