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Under Armour Curry 1 - Performance Review-2

Traction: The traction doesn’t differ much from what we experienced in the ClutcFit Drive, in fact, they are basically identical. Full-length multi directional herring bone cover you from heel to do with little to no wiping.you should have no problems on any condition floors, and outside durability isn’t something to be afraid of if outdoor ball is your only option.


Under Armour Curry 1 - Performance Review-22Cushion: Under Armour introduces their new cushion technology; Charged Micro G. When idle, Charged Micro G feels plush and soft, but when you start to use the Curry 1 on the hardwood, Charged Micro G really shows itself. It activates as you move creating a more responsive ride that gives you great court feel and responsiveness. It’s a cushion setup that is perfect for guards, but still gives you that impact protection when you need it.


Under Armour Curry 1 - Performance Review-6Materials:
Under Armour introduces us to anaFoam on Stephen Curry’s first signature model. AnaFoam uses anatomically placed foam units that provide lightweight support that doesn’t get in the way of how your foot naturally moves. You barely notice that its there, which is a great thing because less distractions on the hardwood leads to a more comfortable fit that is a joy to perform in. A layer of fuse is wrapped around the toebox for extra durability, but during my time wear testing the Curry 1, I experienced some shedding on the canvas like material featured on the upper. While only an aesthetic issue, outdoor ballers might have durability issues, but this doesn’t effect the overall performance of the Curry 1 much.

Under Armour Curry 1 - Performance Review-7Fit: The fir proves to be the Curry 1’s best feature the more you wear it. After a short break in period the Curry 1 molds to your foot eliminating what little dead space you have in the toebox from the start, providing a lockdown fit that can accommodate any foot shape and size. I had sprained my ankle only days before picking up the Curry 1, and was forced to wear an ankle brace during my performance testing, and the Curry 1 had no fit issues accommodating my ankle brace and fit just as well as it did without one.’

Under Armour Curry 1 - Performance Review-1Support: While AnaFoam provides lightweight support that moves naturally with your foot, a TPU heel cup keeps your foot in the right place, and a TPU shank provides torsional support. All things that come standard in any high performance model, and the Curry 1 is no different. The Curry 1 provides just enough support, not too much, and not too little. If you like to have extra support in your on court model, then the Curry 1 might leave you with something to be desired, but for those who just want the baseline support you need to perform with no distractions, the Curry 1 is the shoe for you.

Overall: The Curry 1 feels more like a guards shoe when compared to the ClutchFit Drive, which makes sense since Curry is a guard himself, but players who seek a more plush and supportive ride, might want to pick up the ClutchFit Drive instead, since it excels in those categories. The Curry 1 isn’t terrible in these categories, it just doesn’t need to be excessive being a guards shoe an all. Durability isn’t its strong suite, but at $120 the technology involved in the Curry 1 is worth well passed the price of admission. If you are a guard, or prefer a low to the ground responsive ride that doesn’t distract you during use, pick up the Curry 1 as its does a tremendous job of protecting your foot without distraction and letting you do what you do best, perform.

You can pick up the Under Armour Curry 1 at Under Armour | Finish Line | Foot Locker for $120.

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  1. hey i noticed that the support badge on your video didn’t match the badge shown on the write up. Just letting you know

  2. Interesting to see different reviews on the Curry 1’s, by different people,

    If I counted it right there’s 3 right now on Weartesters,

    will this also happen for other shoes in the future?

  3. I’m roughly 6ft, but play like a big guy. I have been researching this shoe for some time. I like to crash down low, run the fast break, and seek lots of explosiveness. Is this a good shoe? Despite I am the height of a guard, I don’t play like one; moreso like a forward. Would this be a good shoe to get?

    1. I think you just answered your own question. If you do not play like a guard then do not buy a guard shoe. Seems like the ClutchFit Drive would be a better option for you. Just an opinion.

  4. I am 6’2″ but I play inside also. For me the ankle support and fit of the CF Drive were better, but the cushioning, ventilation, durability and toe box were all clear advantages for the Curry 1. I am very excited to try out my Clutchfit Drive 2 Highlights for that reason, as they seem to offer the fit and support of the CFD with the cushioning setup of the Curry 1. It’s not as “plush” as the review says–I will choice the word “soft” instead–but it’s thicker and more durable. Playing in the CFD I felt too low to the ground and after maybe 90 minutes of play I could feel my feet more than in other UA models. In the Currys I can play all night and not even think about it. The toe box is also wider and the Anafoam upper will last longer outdoors than the CFDs, which got beat up fairly quickly for me.

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