Under Armour and Celliant Get Serious About Recovery

Under Armour has announced, and launched, its newly formed partnership with Celliant, a company known for its extensively tested infrared technology that has been show to improve tissue oxygen.

Under Armour is serious about performance for every athlete. While most of us have known that for a long time, one aspect the company recently decided to tackle was recovery; it did so with fabrics that assisted in athlete recovery after workouts, either while sleeping or just lounging, with infrared technology.

Last year, the Under Armour debuted its Recovery Sleepwear line, but not everyone hits the sheets after a workout. For the launch of the company’s new partnership with Celliant, the brands have unveiled a full line of wearable tops and pants that assist in recovery as soon as the workout is over.

under armour recovery apparel celliant

Celliant is known for ground-breaking infrared technology that improves tissue oxygen, a process vital to cells and muscles recovering through improved blood flow. According to Under Armour, this increases performance, energy, strength and stamina, aids in faster recovery, and promotes restful sleep. The FDA even said Celliant products work as medical devices (there is no word on whether your insurance provider will cover them though).

UA Recovery apparel works by harnessing and recycling the body’s natural energy through the medium of fibers. The garments utilize a blend of minerals and proprietary ingredients arranged in a bioceramic pattern that is printed inside UA’s Recovery apparel. That pattern reflects infrared energy back to your body for better localized blood flow, which should rejuvenate muscles faster.

The new UA Recovery gear includes men’s and women’s recovery sleepwear, hoodies, track pants, track jackets, tees, bombers, pants, and men’s compression shirts, leggings, and shorts. The UA Recovery gear is now available at UnderArmour.com with prices ranging from $40-$200.

Men’s Under Armour Recovery System

Women’s Under Armour Recovery System

Images courtesy of Under Armour

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  1. Infrared technology, aye? I hear they infused the fabric with snake oil as well.

    On a seriously note, heat can help you recover after workouts. So you can just wear some old sweatpants and a hoodie instead of getting this overpriced stuff.

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