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Under Armour C1N Mid Performance Review

Under Armour has been killing it in the Football category for quite some time. Starting off with their training and base layer gear to their apparel, UA has this whole Football thing covered. Then they started getting into footwear. Cleats and apparel are two totally different beasts. Luckily, UA treats everything as one in the same.

While some may say “Just Do It”… Under Armour says “I Will”.


Under Armour MC1 2Traction- This was my first pair of detachable cleats that I have ever used so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Initially I thought the setup would have lacked in the traction department, but despite my initial impression, they defied any doubts that I had. I was able to do all my cuts and could feel the shoe gripping the turf or grass preventing any sort of slippage. This cleat is one that I would recommend to use for both types of surfaces.

Detachable cleats are sometimes harder to maintain but if you keep good care of the cleats than they will go a long way. The cleats are connected to a 7 piece TPU plate that grips on natural surfaces and the cleat also has secondary cleats to ensure traction and stability.


Under Armour MC1 4Cushioning- 4D foam is my favorite cushioning system and seeing it used in the C1N Mid got me as excited as I was when the Seahawks threw that game sealing pick in the end zone (sorry Seahawks fans, Niner Nation). 4D foam is intended to take pressure off the cleat and mold to the foot to give maximum cushion. The cushion did exactly that and was felt even on the first wear. Throughout my use of the cleat, I could feel the cushioning effects and always felt very comfortable. I never felt the impact of the cleats in the surface and really hope we continue to see the use of 4D foam.

The midsole is constructed with the Armour Bound technology, providing a more supportive cushion to compliment the 4D foam. Their interior is soft while the exterior is a bit more firm. Increasing stability while still maintaining a supportive and cushioned ride.


Under Armour MC1 3Materials- They weigh 14.1 Oz and while the cleat was very lightweight, they did not lose any of the support that the shoe promises. Their upper uses an engineered synthetic upper that provides comfort and durability without adding extra weight to the shoe. A lightweight cleat plate that provides extra traction through acceleration and is also becoming widely popular in all of Under Armour’s cleat models.


Under Armour MC1 1

Fit- These fit true to size, in my opinion. I loved the fit as they locked in my foot well, and I could feel the support. Despite the collar being lower than the original C1N, I really felt like I could perform all cuts and moves with no fear of hurting myself. There is a strap at the midfoot of the boot which provided additional lockdown and it helped ensure there was no movement within  them, even during agility drills and running routes. I did experience some soreness along the arch of my foot until they broke-in so keep in mind that they will be a bit on the stiff side at first.

CluchFit is featured at the rear of the shoe and extends to the collar. This allowed for a secure fit along with mobility, something I highly enjoyed. Never did I feel as if I lacked heel support or lockdown in this area, nor did I feel like I couldn’t move.

IMG_0062.jpgOverall- I was very surprised at how well put together this shoe was and I’m continuously impressed with Under Armour’s on-field products. When I first heard that there was going to be a mid version of the C1N, I was a little skeptical as to how it would perform, however, I was gladly proven wrong and really felt like Under Armour made a shoe that is lightweight, yet supportive at the same time. The lockdown was incredible for me, and really feel like this could be a great buy for the season coming at $79.99 – much cheaper than other cleat options.

If you were interested in grabbing a pair for your upcoming season then head over to Sports Unlimited.

  1. Good performance review. Nice to see different athletic footwear being performance tested. Under Armour is definitely doing it big especially in football gear. Rumor has that Russell Wilson might go to UA. That would be huge, Cam and Russell.

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