Under Armour and Steph Curry Announce Under Armour Association – For Girls

In a move that makes this writer extremely happy, Under Armour and Stephen Curry announced the Under Armour Association -UAA-G – today. What could that “G” mean? Girls. A basketball summer-select league for girls ages 10-17. While the boys summer circuit has been crowded for years now, Curry and UA have decided to run the girls through the summer challenge as well with a “season” of 10 regular season games followed by five final games and three more league sessions ending in Atlanta.

The circuit starts in April and will include 30 teams in the 17U and 16U age groups. Along with the top age groups, the UAA Rise Challenge will encompass age groups from 17U-15U that may not be top-level but are definitely deserving as well as the UAA Futures league for age groups 14U-10U.

Why is this important? As the father of two teenage girls, I love seeing opportunities for female athletes. Granted, they play different styles but the intensity, skill and desire are all there. Curry recognized this, luckily, and Under Armour has long been a company that recognized women as athletes just as much as men.

If you have a daughter in basketball in these age groups please be on the lookout for the teams and let us know if they play.

If you are interested in the teams or tournament dates, visit underarmour.com for a full list of each.


  1. I don’t have a daughter but that’s really cool to see. The love of Basketball (and sports in general) knows no bounds. Nice to her that these girls will have a new opportunity to play.

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