Under Armour Introduces Amphibian Water Shoes

After an impressive show out at CES, Under Armour is rolling on unveiling new shoes for the new year. The latest sneaker to drop is the Verge Amphibian, an aquatic sneaker meant for land and water — and not necessarily the runway.

The Under Armour Verge Amphibian utilizes a lightweight, quick-drying nylon upper. Synthetic welded overlays and the abrasion resistant upper are held together with a Boa Closure System which uses nylon coated steel laces.

Underfoot, cushioning is taken care of with an EVA midsole and Charged Cushioning inserts in the forefoot and heel, and there is an ESS rock plate for stability. The footbeds are designed to cushion and drain excess water with each step. A Michelin Wild Dig Decent’R outsole lug pattern is designed to shed mud and debris, and the Michelin OC Outsole Compound should offer pretty solid traction outdoors.

The Under Armour¬†Verge Amphibian retails for $110 and is available in sizes 8 to 13 — but only in one colorway, Ridge Reaper Hydro, so far. You can pick up a pair here.

As someone who goes cliff diving in the summer, I always reserve a pair of Dunks or Timbs (yes, I’m from New York) that get completely messed up after about one go. This aquatic sneaker could be a good alternative that is actually designed for the task. Again, these won’t win you any praise at NYFW.

What do you think about UA’s latest amphibian sneaker? Let us know in the comments below.

under armour verge amphibian 3

under armour verge amphibian 2

under armour verge amphibian 4

under armour verge amphibian 5

under armour verge amphibian 6

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under armour verge amphibian 1


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  1. I like them. Could be a great shoe to take the dog for a walk and have some fun in the water (or fetch the damn ball yourself while the dog has no intention to…)

    But did UA really steal the Puma Disc System without Puma getting upset in any way? I would love to here some verified info on that.

  2. I did a little internet research on the Puma/Boa story now.

    Puma came up with the Disc System in 1991 and had it patented in 1992 in the US.
    Boa came up with its Disc Technology in 1998.

    Based on these facts my best guess is Puma sucked at marketing and more so at business contacts at that time.
    Whereas Boa did a great job at spreading the disc tech over many different fields.
    Medical stuff, snowboard boots, golf shoes, trecking shoes were among the fields i could find on the net.

    So as far as the patent goes Puma invented the disc tech for sure. Boa did some great changes to it 7 years by using differnt and better materials and by making it repairable. I guess the second point is the most important difference that allowed for an own worldwide patent.
    As far as i know there is no such thing as a repair kit for Pumas Disc System. (Correct me if i’m wrong please.)
    It would be a nice thought that there is the possibillity of friendly co-exsitsting in this world but i have my doubts about that when i think about the history of Puma and Adidas fighting about every little thing in court. The most popular example being the Boost tech.

    I would love to read more on the Boa/Puma thing here in an article from weartesters.

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