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Under Armour Curry 4 Performance Review | AnotherPair

under armour curry 4 performance review anotherpair main

I promise that the Under Armour Curry 4 is the cheese burger of basketball.

under armour curry 4 performance review anotherpair traction

Starting off with the outsole, UA gave us just a basic circular traction pattern, and I’m cool with that because the stuff works. On crispy clean courts, the traction had me out there like the glaze on a Krispy cream donut — sticky. On dirty courts pretty much the same as a clean court. A couple wipes here and there is all you need.

under armour curry 4 performance review anotherpair cushion

Here we have what I like to call “bricks in a pillow cushion.” This setup hurts something fierce; I am not a fan of it all. I was only able to play in these for a few games at a time. These were like my warm-up kicks to get me ready to dish out buckets, and it sucks because everything about this shoe was fire except the cushion.

Now UA hasn’t given us much information on what the cushion could be made of so nobody knows what it is. All I know is the brand used a proprietary foam compound. The only good thing about the cushion was the court feel, and I mean you can really feel the court.

For those of you looking for cushion, impact protection or whatever, the Curry 4 is not the shoe for you. Those who want to be quick and low to the ground then these shoes may be a great choice for you. But for me, I’ll pass.

under armour curry 4 performance review anotherpair materials

As for the materials, the Under Armour Curry 4 features a knit inner sleeve attached to a synthetic upper that is stiff and plastic-y. It’s going to take a few hoop session for these to break in, hence the reason I’m just now doing the review.

Once the materials break in, they will still feel a little plastic-y but for the most part super form-fitting (they wrap around the foot well).

It was almost like a slice of cheese. You know when you take a cold slice of cheese, lay it on top of a burger, and it’s all stiff? As soon as the cheese heats up, it melts a bit and takes the shape of the burger. That’s what the UA Curry 4s materials do to your foot.

under armour curry 4 performance review anotherpair fit

I say go true to size. The shoe will feel extremely tight for both narrow and wide footers, but let the shoe break in and do its thing. Once the shoe breaks in, the materials will stretch out enough accommodate your foot. Just imagine if we were born with an outsole on the bottom of our feet with an Under Armour logo on the back of our Achilles. Now that is what you call a one-to-one fit.

Lockdown was also bomb sauce. The sock-like fit was nearly perfect, and I only say nearly, because nothing is perfect in this world you feel what I’m saying. I probably could have taken the laces out of the Curry 4 and played all day without an issue. That there alone should tell you how good the lockdown actually is in this shoe.

Your foot sits inside the midsole to ensure that it stays on top of the footbed. At the heel there is an internal heel counter locking you in place. Honestly, this shoe is probably the best fitting shoe I’ve worn in my professional pick up basketball career.

under armour curry 4 performance review anotherpair support

With the way the shoe fits the support had to be good. For starters, the bottom of the shoe is wide, even at the heel. Secondly, you are sitting in a midsole that’s very low to the ground, so the stability and containment are excellent. Thirdly, the heel counter is helping the midsole anchor the foot to the footbed — dope.

Look here, guys. I can’t complain about the support at all because the support is great.

under armour curry 4 performance review anotherpair overall

The Under Armour Curry 4 is a fantastic shoe for anyone looking for court feel. For the people who want impact protection and all that good stuff then I’d say stay clear from the Curry 4.

For me, the cushion was very unpleasant, and I had to switch my kicks after a while. However, for being some warm-up kicks and nothing more, the Curry 4 will be just fine.

under armour curry 4 performance review anotherpair

  1. This guy is the Stuart Scott of shoe reviews. “Materials are like a slice of cheese” …“lockdown was also bomb sauce!”

  2. hey Nate,

    How did your curry 4s hold up during your testing review? did you see or feel any of the seams coming off between the synthetic and the knit?

    My pair of curry 4s only survived 1 hooping session (3 hours). This was actually my 2nd pair, my first pair experienced the same thing (even after going up 1/2 a size). the medial side, had some glue residue stretching out from the seams. It seems that the whole thing is only glued together, and i can’t imagine this surviving a few more hooping sessions without busting out from the seams.

    I wear aso ankle braces (which might contribute) but still the torque your feet goes through shouldn’t tear through these shoes.

    kinda disappointed… my white and black pair and now my black and white (more dimes pair).

    Btw how did you like them compared to the dame 4?

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