Take a Tour of the Texas Longhorns’ $7 Million Locker Room and Football Facility

George Kiel’s Royal Key series has visited the facilities of the Golden State Warriors, Memphis Grizzlies, and Kentucky Wildcats. Now, Coiski Media has a behind-the-scenes look at the Texas Longhorns’ $10 million athletic center.

Now that college football is back in full swing it’s time to see how student athletes at UT live when it comes to sports, how they train, and what they wear to perform. George Kiel linked with Matt Lange, the director of creative media for the Texas Longhorns, to learn about the team and its insane facility.

The locker room, which just underwent a huge $7 million renovation, is plastered with huge screens — there are screen above every locker and nearly everywhere you can look in the locker room. This allows for a layout that is digitally customizable.

texas longhorns locker room royal key george kiel

What many may not realize is just how much content UT generates from its Longhorns; on an average day there are three people managing the content, but on game days that number jumps to 9 – 12 — plus student workers!

Of course, Kiel spoke with Matt Rutherford, the director of equipment operations for the Longhorns, to see exactly what kind of gear the team will be wearing this season. They went over the cleats, the home vs. away fits, and what it’s like working with Nike. (In 2015, UT Athletics extended its apparel contract with Nike in a 15-year $250 million deal, according to Coiski Media.)

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texas longhorns locker room royal key


Images via Coiski Media

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