Tom Segura Dishes on Crazy Nike vs adidas Beef in Portland on “Hot Ones”

While one of the Internet’s favorite shows, Hot Ones, isn’t generally the place for sneaker content, this week’s guest has some interesting stories to share about the Nike vs adidas beef in Portland.

In the interview with comedian Tom Segura, host Sean Evans asked, “Is it still f*** Nike?” — a reference to when the brand hinted that it would seed the comedian free product (which it ultimately did not, and shortly thereafter a large box of adidas products showed up at Segura’s doorstep). “F*** Nike man, 100%. I don’t f*** with that company,” Segura told Evans.

Then, Segura told Evans a story he heard from a Portland messenger about how much adidas and Nike, which both occupy portions of Portland, hate each other. According to Segura, the brands would know when a prototype of a shoe was going to be put in a box and sent to another facility in Portland, and people would pay messengers to take pictures of those prototype shoes before they were delivered.

Eventually, the brands began upping the ante and resorting to all kinds of methods in order to stop people from photographing the prototypes. The brands put timers on the boxes (because they knew how long the drive should take from point a to point b), sent decoy shoe boxes, and even locked boxes.

One day, the messenger was delivering a package to the Nike campus and executive stopped him asking, “What the f*** are you wearing? Do you know how disrespectful it is to walk around our campus and not wear Nikes?” According to Segura, the messenger humbly replied, “I can’t afford them, so I’m wearing what I can afford.”

To find out how the story ends, check out the Hot Ones episode below. You can skip 5:30 in to hear the rest of the story,a and remember, Tom Segura is a comedian.


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