Klay Thompson’s ANTA KT Series Sells Over 650,000 Pairs

What did we tell you all about trashing KT’s kicks? It turns out that ANTA KT has sold over half a million pairs (no matter how ugly y’all say they are — I happen to enjoy them). Thus, ANTA is doing just fine, whether you like KT’s first sig or not.

I’d like to think WearTesters had a part in helping the Chinese brand hit this enormous milestone. Here’s the presser.

ANTA Sports Products Limited (“ANTA Sports” or the “Company”, stock code: 2020), a leading sportswear company in China, is pleased to announce that order for the ANTA KT series has passed the 650,000 pair mark, becoming the fastest growing amongst all NBA player endorsed ANTA products.

The ANTA KT series was first launched in 2015 and recorded about 150,000 pairs orders in its first year. In addition to the original KT1, special editions of KT models were introduced to echo the epic NBA Playoffs and Finals which became instant hits. The KT series has achieved over 500,000 orders for 2016 trade fairs, an increase of approximately 240%.

Klay Thompson, an endorser of the company and a sharpshooter for the Golden State Warriors, wears tailor-made ANTA basketball shoes, which have contributed significantly to his outstanding performance throughout the season, including achieving an eleven 3-pointers record during the Western Conference Finals against Oklahoma City Thunder in May.

Ding Shizhong, Chairman and CEO of ANTA Sports, commented, “While I am sad to see the Warriors missing out on the crown this season, I am thrilled to announce that the KT series topped the charts inChina in terms of growth amongst all ANTA basketball lines. Klay’s outstanding performance this season certainly reflects the quality of our brand.

“The launch of the Klay Thompson series products was one of the most closely watched endorsement deals in recent years for a Chinese brand and a bold move by Klay who left a legacy brand for his namesake line. Today, we are proud that fans in China have embraced the ANTA KT series, making it one of the top selling ANTA sneakers in China. Later this year, we will launch additional special edition KT lines and will host a number of high profile promotional events, ensuring ANTA’s basketball-related products reach new heights,” he added.

Klay Thompson said, “I am honored to be an ANTA brand endorser. The shoes give me the strong grip, safety, balance and stability that I need to perform and excel. The ANTA KT1 has been a big part of my journey to the Championship with the Warriors”.

anta KT 1 finals 3

About ANTA Sports Products Limited

Established in 1994 and listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2007, ANTA Sports Products Limited (stock code: 2020.HK) is one of the leading sportswear company in China. For many years, we are principally engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of ANTA sportswear series to provide professional sporting goods to the mass market. Our professional sportswear includes sports shoes, apparel and accessories. In recent years, we started moving full steam ahead on the strategy of “Single-focus, Multi-brand, and Omni-channel” to deepen our footprint in the sportswear market with a vibrant brand portfolio, including ANTA, ANTA KIDS, FILA, FILA KIDS, Descente and NBA, seizing every opportunity arose in all important retail channels as a result of the successful Omni-channel strategy to unlock the potential of mass and high-end markets in China. By integrating various resources, including sponsorship and endorsement, advertising and promotional campaigns, corporate social responsibility initiatives, professional store image and high quality, value-for-money merchandise, we strive to reinforce the image of our brands and the level of brand association in the minds of our customers. Our goal is to become the nation’s top sportswear company with the best reputation and largest market share in China, and a respectable and sustainable world-class sportswear company in the long run.

Source: PR


  1. 650,000 pairs ordered from stores is different from 650,000 pairs sold, kept and enjoyed by consumers. When they say ordered, does that mean by stores or does that mean customer purchases?

    Not trying to hate or bash Anta or Klay. Tons of stores order shoes and end up returning to vendor because they sit on shelves.

    1. It might actually mean pairs sold in this instance. Not 100%, but it looked as if ANTA sold direct to consumer with these with the exception of a select few Champs Sports locations in the Bay Area. I also assume that they sell direct to consumers in China as well, and in China the shoe retails for much less than $100.

      1. Anta sells directly to Anta owned stores, which is great for them.

        In china most of the stores are branded stores, not like in the US when its footlockers/finishline etc.

        Anta has been the only Chinese brand that has been doing well the past few years in China.

        Its all perspective from the US as we see Li-Ning as the top dog because their quality and push designs a little more then an Anta or Peak, but in reality Anta is the one bringing in the $$$.

  2. I can’t start waving the flag for this brand until they actually bring something innovative that works.
    A foam and synthetic shoe has been offered by everyone for years.
    They make visually interesting things at times but they are clearly geared to affordabilty in China.
    Add to the fact maybe a few hundred pairs only dropped in the Bay and I can understand why people are skeptical.
    No one can even get them if they wanted.

    Nothing this shoe does can’t be had in an outlet hyperdunk for 50$ or under.
    And you can try it on
    And the size won’t be jacked for no reason.
    Buy these if you’re a warriors stan pretty much

    1. Anta has an official website in the US, people who wanted a pair of KT1 got theirs mostly through this website.
      650000 seems to be a big number, but it’s really not if you know how many bandwagon warriors fans there are now in China. I happen to know and make fun of them all the time.
      Other things aside.. Hyperdunk 2015 is pure trash, and has been discounted to less than 200 Chinese Yuan (about 30 bucks) in most Chinese outlets/online sellers. People still don’t want to buy them. Why? Because they are trash. Being named “Hyperdunk” and having a swoosh mean nothing.

  3. Good for them. I wouldn’t get them(I need a really good cushion setup in my shoes these days), but its good when other companies take a slice of the industry pie. It does seem like a solid, low cost shoe with no frills. Some of the printed cws look really nice.

    1. It is not “non news”. It is business news. Plus you clicked the link, so even for you it is news 🙂

  4. Lol ANTA??? we barely like Li Ning in these parts. That’s like kemba walker signing to FUBU GTFOH

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