This May Be the Nike Kyrie 4 Low, and it’s a Mix of Several Sneakers You Know

Despite a year of ups and downs for Kyrie Irving, the folks over at Nike seem more invested than ever in the young superstar because they are adding another silhouette to his signature line: the Kyrie 4 Low.

Earlier this month, WearTesters reported that a Kyrie 4 Low would be releasing on July 15. Now, images have surfaced of the alleged silhouette and there are a few things to discuss.

While this is rumored to be a lowtop version of the current Kyrie 4, some of the most notable elements come from previous models of the line. For one, the midfoot strap placed on this sneaker is nearly identical to that of the Kyrie 2 and the outsole of the sneaker features a colorscheme very reminiscent of the heat/pressure map design applied to the Kyrie 3.

The upper seems to be completely covered in textile material, even at the heel counter (which resembles the Kyrie 1). This particular colorway features a black and white strap in graphic print and a gum rubber outsole that features herringbone-patterned nubs, blade, and Kyrie 4 elements. Kyrie and Nike branding are featured throughout of course, and we are excited to say that there may be a possibility of forefoot and heel Zoom inside a foam carrier, if we are not being led on.

Is this what you expected to see from Kyrie’s first official lowtop build? What do you think about the direction Irving’s line may be going in? Share your thoughts down in the comments below.

Nike kyrie 4 low










Images via US11 / Eastbay


  1. It looks better than the mid, but I actually like the look of the Flytraps better than both of them. They look totally different than the 4; it could’ve been named an entirely different shoe. But if this does have heel and forefoot zoom*, with cushlon and traction as good as other Kyries, then this would be something to pay attention to.

    *Sadly, all zoom mentions should carry an asterisk pertaining to if they can be felt or not, although Nike has been doing a good job of top-loading their zoom lately in several models.

  2. This seems like a shoe that was conceived during the development of the Flytrap or S1 Hybrid but wasn’t chosen at the time. I see nothing inspired by the 4. With that said these are SUPER clean. Hopefully they didn’t regress on the cushion and go back to being bricks.

    1. All I have spotted so far is just a touch of the 4’s traction pattern around the pivot points, not much else.

  3. Not a fan of the nub traction in regards to durability. I think the interesting thing is they went this path with the Kobe AD NXT 360 to make the sole more flexible, so I’m noticing the medial side does without the cuts of the (regular) Kyrie 4. The pattern also seems to have a more dedicated orientation on that medial side as well.

  4. These look like they are actually legit, if the price is decent I will probably pull the trigger on these, though I still have two pairs of kyrie 4s that I haven’t worn to the ground yet

  5. I feel like Nike is just putting out as much Kyrie stuff as possible to capitalize on the Uncle Drew movie

  6. Recent news: might be beginning of new line for Kyrie. Release of mids in winter and lows in the summer. Kyrie low 1

    1. Sorta, and I think Nike is riding on particular technicality as an excuse to advertise it as such. The regular Kyie 4 *technically* covers the ankle, so it’s true something lower could exist. But the reality is similar to the Kobe AD “Mid” — most people would find it plays as free as a low. The lacing holds as such.

      I saw this with the LeBron 15, which is originally supposed to be a high, just because of the collar cut, but the lacing is borderline like a low.

  7. Seems like it is another hybrid model and I think it looks just as good as the S1, just a different style.

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