This Could Be Klay Thompson’s Next Signature Sneaker

Leakers may have given us a first look at the Anta KT4, Klay Thompson’s next signature sneaker.

In true 2018 fashion, the sneakers pictured here features a textured knit upper and a high-rising sock-like compression collar. Klay Thompson’s KT logo is knit onto the front of that collar (where the tongue would be) and the leather heel tabs are embossed with his jersey number, 11. The heels use a similar window as the KT3 and KT3 Playoffs.

The lacing system is secured by what appear to be thin strands that should be familiar to those who enjoy Nike’s Flywire. However, the most interesting part of this possible KT 4 is the bold three-part midsole; both builds shown here flaunt bright colors on the midsole, which could denote different density foams.

Nothing official has been announced by Chinese sportswear company Anta so for now, stay tuned and keep your eyes on Klay Thompson’s feet during these NBA Finals (he’s been wearing the KT3 so far).

anta KT4 possible

Photo via @thebasketballshoes

anta KT4 klay thompson 1

Photo via @thebasketballshoes

possible KT4

Photo via @thebasketballshoes

possible anta KT4

Photo via @thebasketballshoes

anta KT4 klay thompson

Photo via @thebasketballshoes


      1. It’s definitely the upper+lace setup looking from the front quarter. Only real thing hiding the inspiration is center trim/accent, which is more understated here. He heel tab is also looking styled after the LeBron 15.

        On that center trim, I’m not sure it’s the best setup on this KT4. Those center holes might limit the way the lacing conforms to the wearer’s foot. The LeBron 15 lets the laces align naturally.

        Wonder if Robbie Fuller designed this one. I see the “T” cutout re-used.

      2. Mostly the upper and the lacing.. Come on Anta at least come up with a different lacing set-up.

  1. No disrespect to these kicks, but they look like my nut sack after accidentally stepping into a cold shower.

  2. Yo, i live in brazil and i want to buy a basketball shoe. the courts here are ALL outside and usually are concrete and very hot, what do you think is the best shoe for those conditions?

  3. It looks a 3 shoes combination. First the adidas crazy xplosive 17. 2nd the curry 4 and last lebron 15. I got the kt3. Lets see this one..

  4. The shape of the upper and lacing system remind me of the lbj 15 but also the pull tab on the back looks similar to the one on the lbj 15. IDK how i feel about this shoe but the kt3’s looked pretty dope especially the low top

  5. I like ’em, a little Yeezy, a little LeBron, a little T-Mac, a little Curry, even a little Kobe, and you have a very good look.

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