There’s An Air Jordan XXXI Inspired by Royal 1s

Can one of the most popular colorways of the Air Jordan 1 boost sales for the Air Jordan XXXI? 

The Black/Royal AJ1 is a classic among classics so it’s no surprise that Jordan Brand would use the colorway for the Air Jordan XXXI. We don’t know why it took so long, but at least it’s happening.

Jordan Brand’s 31st signature silhouette is a solid performance model with great cushioning and materials. If you’re a wide footer then you’ll fall in love with the 31 upon trying them on. Traction was definitely inconsistent — even when floors were clean — but the shoe should be considered when looking for a new hoop shoe, once their price has been dropped to $150 or less.

The Air Jordan 1 in Black/Royal is scheduled to release on April 1, and these are rumored to be releasing alongside them. Of course, anything can change, but as of now that is when you can roughly expect the Black/Royal Air Jordan XXXI to release.

Share your thoughts on the ‘Royal’ Air Jordan XXXI below and stay tuned for updates as they come.

Images Via Nike


  1. Couldn’t get the bred 1s? here, have a pair of 31s.
    Couldn’t get the Chicago 1s? here, have a pair of 31s.
    Couldn’t get the shattered backboard 1s? here, have a pair of 31s.
    31s have become a consolation prize of classic 1s. smh

    1. my thoughts exactly. a consolation prize. the latest flagship model.

      Despite having a bit too much blue, I think it’s a pretty nice silhoutte. I’m thankful they didn’t put the ROYALS on the bottom like the BANNED 31s

  2. In those pics the shoes look always beautiful. The color combination is also really nice. The guys who produce those pictures know what they are doing.
    For me these shoes are a love/hate thing. I like nearly every released colorway of the Jordan31 when i see them in a picture. I like the sillouette an on foot the Zoom feel good too but every time i have them in my hands the materials leave me more than unimpressed.
    Maybe someday some fancy boutique comes up with a full leather version. Till that day i will enjoy looking at those well taken pictures.

    1. Totally agree with this. Considered the Banned and Space Jam, and that rear portion was really underwhelming. The transition from tooling to upper seemed kinda crude too.

      These look awesome with how the knit upfront has a blue that appears to shine in contrast to the black weave. Expect something dull in person.

  3. Man, if these do end up releasing, I’d be grabbing two pairs haha. Personally, the black/blue color combo’s have always been my favorite and these are no exception. The 31’s look really nice this year too, even with the faded swoosh. I’m def going to cop these if they end up dropping, and maybe the 31 lows too haha who knows

  4. copped em last week for 140, I love em . super fire. comfort. purely for rocking so balling so the comfort n grip is amazing . I genuinely think the 31s will become an all time fav. give it time. I’m going to start hoarding these bad boys. the bottoms look super futuristic didn’t know they where this tight until after cop.

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