The Under Armour Curry 6 ‘Heart of the Town’ Releases Next Week

Under Armour and Stephen Curry are painting The Town red as the Curry 6 ‘Heart of the Town’ releases next week.

It’s been 10 years since Stephen Curry was drafted by the Golden State Warriors — who knew what the scrawny undersized PG from Davidson would do for Dub Nation and the city of Oakland.

Prior to each game, Curry takes to his Twitter account to tweet before every game – “Lock In! #DubNation” – reminding fans that they’re all in this together.

The Curry 6 ‘Heart of the Town’ honors Oakland with its tonal red knit look. This version of the shoe is scheduled to release on, at UA Brand Houses and at select retail partners for $130 on January 18.

Let us know your thoughts on the Curry 6 ‘Heart of the Town’ below and if you already own a pair, share your on-court experiences with us as well.

We’re hoping your outsoles are in one-piece — if they’re not then you should contact Under Armour customer service so they can take care of the issue.

via Under Armour


  1. I love the way this shoe looks but it was so horrible on my feet. I couldn’t really feel any cushion, then it presses up against the inside of my right foot, and traction just collected so much dust that the amount of times I had to constantly wipe just made the shoe impossible to play in for me. I unfortunately did not have a good experience with this shoe

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience, Nate. It is pretty consistent with all the previous Curry models. Unlike what I see from recent reviews on the tube, where reviewers basically come all over these shoes, which makes me hella suspicious…

    1. I know, I see a lot of reviewers really giving the shoe a lot of praise. I do understand everyone’s fot is different. But the shoe just was to hard on my feet. And I tried breaking in the cushion, wore them to work where all I literally do is walk all day and my feet were killing me at the end. I can only feel confusion if I press down really hard. And no idea where this good traction they talk about is because all I did was wipe constatnly when i had them at the gym

  3. Only thing not working for me was the fit after the break-in. The lacing system is limited in closing down before it’s just more bunch up and pinching. But if you have a larger volume foot in general, that might not be an issue. I’m a slimmer fit in all dimensions, so I’m more prone to finding this issue than others.

    Cushion did feel better than the 4. It is still geared towards Curry’s play style so you can’t expect much different towards something more plush. That’s the tricky thing about shoe shopping. Reviewers can be telling the truth in how a shoe is good at all aspects, but it’s also in the context of what the shoe was meant to be.

    This is no Kobe Protro, nor can it really be expected to be so.

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