The Under Armour Curry 3ERO.III Leaks Online

Stephen Curry’s next sneaker will be the Under Armour Curry 3ZERO.III.

Whether or not we see Curry debut the Curry 3ZERO.III in the NBA Playoffs this year is up for debate, but this new sneaker will be available within that Summer timeframe.

The third iteration of the 3ZERO comes in low top form and equipped with a full-length Micro G midsole. Materials look to be similar to the 3ZERO.II, offering a neoprene-like build for a very snug, but comfortable, 1-to-1 fit.

Traction cannot be seen in the image below, but it looks to be aggressive and the 3ZERO line hasn’t let us down yet in the traction department.

Retail has yet to be announced but we expect them to retail for no more than $100 like it’s predecessors.

Share your thoughts on the upcoming Curry 3ZERO.III below and stay tuned for updates as they arrive.

Image via SneakerHighway


  1. I had the original 3Zeros. Wore them until excessive damage was done lol. If support and traction are up to par, these will be a must get due to full length micro g.

  2. Well, theyre very, very, VERY plain looking, but that is a step up from the previous 3zero, which were galactically hideous. If they continue the performance of the last 3zero, though, that would be a good thing. Its nice to see ua embracing micro g again in a couple models.

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