The Sitdown is Back, and Last Night Some S*** was Talked

I love radio, and I always have. NPR and podcasts are all I listen to, so ask me how excited I was when I saw that The Sitdown was streaming live on YouTube last night.

To debut Season 4 of the show, hosts Drew and Jay discussed how much the sneaker industry has changed in the short time that they have been off the airwaves. They took shots at some YouTubers, called bullshit, and Drew discussed his trip to Detroit to witness the StockX operation firsthand. This episode isn’t one to miss, and I’ve got some things to say about it, so take a listen and we can discuss in the comments.

The Sitdown is back, weekly, Thursday nights at 10 PM ET. For the live stream link, be sure to stay locked to the @TheDonDrew and @SneakerSensei on Twitter. Are you excited the show is back?

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  1. In a time of political strife and division in my country, The Sitdown gives us a chance to call bullshit on some of the f**kery in our industry. I disagree with some of what Drew and Jay have to say but it is important to hear from people that have been in this industry far longer than most. And I’m down with calling a spade a spade. What’d y’all think?

  2. First time seeing these guys, eh the show was alright. Some good points on how business always becomes a factor with this, but this always happens. So i must have missed something with the argument. I guess i couldn’t get past the back handed comments they have for everyone and themselves. I liked the question on what makes you a “legend” or an “OG” in today’s game, but I do consider Jumpmanbostic and Nightwing up there as people who really did help change and popularize the culture been watching those guys since 2009, If that doesn’t mean anything then I don’t know what will.

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