The Reebok Iverson Legacy Is Coming Soon In Black/Red

Another Reebok Iverson Legacy appears to be right around the corner with the release of the Black/Red edition.

While the Black/White Reebok Iverson Legacy will be available at tomorrow (you can still pre-order today if you’d like), it appears that this Black/Red colorway will be available in just a few days.

Decked out in the familiar premium tumbled and patent leather build, this Iverson Legacy comes is predominately blacked out with hits of red and gold, reminiscent of the Sixers era that A.I. brought with him on a nightly basis.

Designed for casual wear, the sneaker rides atop an EVA midsole with a redone DMX cushioning system underneath.

According to US11, we can expect this Black/Red Reebok Iverson Legacy to drop on December 1 with an assumed price of $160, in line with multiple builds of the silhouette that have and will release.

Images via US11


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