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The PUMA Ignite Gets a Knitted Upper

PUMA joins the latest fad of knitted uppers with the Ignite Proknit.

Well, I wouldn’t quite call it a fad because knitted uppers are not going anywhere and are here to stay, but it does seem like every model is getting the knitted upper treatment. With the PUMA Ignite however, an upgrade in the materials department is a welcome addition, as mentioned in the our performance review of the PUMA ignite:

 “While the heavy synthetic overlays in the mid-foot provide excellent stability, the materials featured on the Puma are dated and could definitely use an upgrade.” – Jarron Ramos, WearTesters.

The knitted upper upgrade should provide a closer fit to the foot and shed a ton of weight for a lightweight feel that will help you run faster and longer. My only problem is that they should have launched the PUMA Ignite with the Proknit version, then introduced the original launch version as a trainer with more support and stability.

The PUMA Ignite Proknit is available now at PUMA for $150. Check out our performance review of the PUMA Ignite here.

The PUMA Ignite Gets a Knit Upper-1

The PUMA Ignite Gets a Knit Upper-4

The PUMA Ignite Gets a Knit Upper-5

The PUMA Ignite Gets a Knit Upper-2

The PUMA Ignite Gets a Knit Upper-7

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