The Nike Zoom Rookie LWP ‘Galaxy’ is Re-Releasing

For some odd reason, the Nike Zoom Rookie LWP ‘Galaxy’ is re-releasing this month.

It’s been seven years since the Nike Zoom Rookie LWP originally released and we were surprised as hell that Nike Sportswear decided to re-issue the shoe in late 2018.

Fast forward to February 2019 and Nike looks to repeat the past with the re-release of the ‘Galaxy’ edition of the Zoom Rookie LWP. The images featured below are the 2019 version and not of the original. However, not much has changed other than the fact that the glow-in-the-dark outsoles are a bit more green than they once were. Everything else, from the insoles to the tongue patches, are the same as the original version.

Expect the Nike Zoom Rookie LWP to release on Friday, February 22 for $210. That’s a ridiculous price for a shoe with a Zoom Air unit the size of a piece of gum in the heel.

via US11


  1. My original 2012 pair can go into storage now that these are coming out.

    I picked up the glow in the dark pair and they fit much better that the 2012 Galaxies. A revised mold perhaps?

    Any word on if these are a limited release?

  2. Never had the 2012 models, but yeah I have the black and glow in the dark Rookies, and as long as I don’t heel strike, they’re pretty wearable. The glow in the dark pair seems to fair a little better as well imo. I think the material is a tad softer and lighter. I felt the same about the ASG LeBron 11 vs the GR pairs.

  3. I bought four pairs of Zoom Rookies before I bothered to even try one on. These are the most uncomfortable foams ever, and like Nightwing said, the Zoom is pathetic. Heel only and the size of your thumb for $200+?

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