The Nike Roshe Run Has Changed Its Name

Spotted just a few hours ago, it looks like the Nike Roshe Run has changed its name to the Nike Roshe One. Of course, this invites the obvious possibility of a second generation Roshe, which Nike would be foolish not to produce.

Since its debut in 2012, the Roshe Run has been a crowd pleaser. Seen on the feet of athletes, streetwear enthusiasts, fashion icons, celebrities, and most importantly, hundreds of thousands of people like you and I, people just like it. Perhaps it is the unassuming shape, comfort, price point, or a mix of all three.

The Roshe Run has gone through many evolutions since its birth. It has been a favorite among Nike iD fanatics, as well as customizers, and has featured almost every material out there, from pony hair to Flyknit.

As Shoelander23 pointed out to me just now, the name change seems necessary, as the Roshe Run was not actually a good running shoe, or even a really viable running shoe. With zero tech in it and nothing to cushion your strides but a thin insole, the new NSW name is fitting.

Are you excited for a Nike Roshe Two? Let me know in the comments below.

nike roshe one


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