The Nike LeBron Witness 3 PRM Adds Patent Leather

The Nike LeBron Witness 3 PRM adds patent leather and familiar colorways.

Immediate reaction to the Nike LeBron 3 Witness PRM is that they look just like the Nike LeBron 7 PS — for those that remember them. New generation sneaker fans will likely feel they look like the Harden Vol 1 with a Swoosh.

Other than the patent leather treatment, there are no changes made to the Witness 3; herringbone traction is still in place as is the full-length Air unit within the Phylon midsole.

I’ve played in the Witness 3 a little bit, but not enough to feel comfortable giving them a proper performance review. I wound up getting bogged down with too many shoes to test and review at once so I chose the models I felt were most important. Hopefully I’ll have time to go back and finish these up as they were decent — but very tight width wise.

Let us know if you’ve played in the Nike LeBron Witness 3 below and share your thoughts on the three upcoming PRM versions shown below.

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  1. I really really like the look of this shoe but when I got a pair, I had to return them. The cushion is so-so and the fit is more snug than I typically like. My foot is not wide by any means but these definitely fit narrow.

    1. Yeah, theyre reeeaaaally slim. I dont know what they were thinking. Most of the world cant fit in these; you gotta have some chicken dna in your bloodline if your foot can fit in them normally. KDs are wide footer friendly compared to these things.

  2. really have to scratch my head here as to what is Nike doing? LeBron 15 was plagued with throwback/tribute colorways (although like all of them were awesome imo), then the Soldier 12 did some of the same (including Space Jam and Concord colorways), and then the 16 came with the WTT, and then now this adds the most blatant Jordan-inspired looks. Not ugly, but like, did they run out of ideas?

    1. it could be that they just make what really sells and looks nice other than being downright wild with creativity but ugly. on the otherhand, it could be they ran out of competent designers. whether it’s the design, colorway or materials, Nike/Jordan brand recently been accommodating hipsters and collabs that looks like made by 5 year olds rather than great style.

  3. my only thing that concerns me is the fit. if what you say the KD’s are wide footer friendly, then probably I won’t like these since KD’s for me felt like corsets. other than that, they look great to me aesthetically.

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