The Nike Kobe 11 Has Landed on NikeiD

With the release of the first colorway for Kobe’s 11th (and final) signature shoe is the NikeiD custom release of the Nike Kobe 11.

Numerous options appear on the Kobe 11, including a fade option on the Flyknit like that on the ‘Achilles Heel’ version, as well as an ascension graphic version on the upper. Interesting enough, you have a choice of three drop-in midsoles: full length Zoom Air, heel Zoom Air with Lunarlon on the rest of the sole, and just full length Lunarlon.

There are also 13 different symbols you can place on the heel, including Chinese characters as well as symbols for endurance, fire, leadership, etc.

You can customize your personal Nike Kobe 11 for $245. Click HERE to start customizing your pair.

Nike Kobe 11 id custom Nike Kobe 11 iD nikeid heel view Nike Kobe 11 midsole insole nikeid


  1. Great. Literally took the Jordan 2012 and remixed it’s choose your flight concept .
    Almost can’t believe an extra booty isn’t included to make these a high too

  2. full length zoom!!!!
    if it the flyknit is breathable I probably will buy the most expensive shoe I ever bought and probably ever will buy

  3. full length zoom and lunarlon like lebron 11’s midsole. finally nike understands, except for that price though

  4. Will it still be flexible with the full length zoom? Wil the full length zoom add more weight to it? Thanks

    1. It’ll be like the LeBron 11 so not as flexible as the notched versions on the other two midsoles.

  5. the full-length zoom is enticing, but i’m worried it will be soooooo thin that it won’t be worth the premium…

  6. Ordering my pair today. Full length zoom air is a blast from the past. It’s the LeBron XI all over again, but without the “Squeaky Shoe” problem.

  7. I got to check out the kobe 11 at ftl today. Very snug fit. Also the fly knit seems like there is less glue behind it than the ten.

  8. You Americans are so lucky and you’re complaining about the price! In Canada for the basic ID its starts at $325

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