The Nike KD 12 is Now Available for Customization

The Nike KD 12 is now available for customization on the Nike By You platform.

No longer NIKEiD (a name I loved), Nike now offers is customization process through what it calls Nike By You.

With that, the Nike KD 12 is available for anyone wanting to customize a pair for themselves. Something that most may consider as there have only been two colorways of the shoe released up until this point. Options are limited and midsole splatter is nowhere to be found. But creating your own custom colorway is still just as fun as it ever was.

The pair I designed tries to pay tribute to the team that drafted Kevin Durant, the Seattle Supersonics.

If you wanted to create your own Nike KD 12 then head over to Nike by You — retail is $170.

Shouts to @pmjc_07 for the heads up.


  1. Midsole splatter is available, just not on the reflective options. The tpu overlay is not available for speckle tho, which I wish it was

  2. Hello XDR outsole. Gonna do a Knicks home/away colourway. Not because I think KD is on the way, but because I’m a suffering Knicks fan.

  3. Finally some solid rubber outsole options!

    Hmmm I’ve never tried XDR before but I’m considering it. Does anyone know if XDR is in any way inferior to the normal options other than being more durable? IE is it less grippy indoors?

    1. I never had severe issues with XDR indoors, but the hard rubber definitely does not bend well in an indoor gym compared to the hard surface of an outdoor gym. You could make a versatile shoe with an XDR outsole, but if you mainly play indoors, XDR is not needed, IMHO.

      1. Agreed that XDR is less flexible, but that’s due to the purpose of these being for outdoor use which is the only options available here in the UK as there are few indoor courts to play in. I am considering the gum outsole option for outdoor use but will likely take the practical route and still with XDR.

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