The Jordan Supreme Elevation is Coming in 2019

Add another one to the list. The Jordan Supreme Elevation is another highly anticipated basketball shoe for 2019.

Team Jordan’s might earn back the respect of the consumer if this is how Jordan Brand plans on treating them from here on out. A Phylon midsole is in place with the most surprising cushion setup we’ve seen on a non-signature Jordan model — full length Viz-Zoom Air.

This cushion setup is one we have not seen on a basketball shoe since the Nike Viz Zoom Uptempo. Also with a Flyknit build nearly identical to that of the Air Jordan 32, straps were added at the heel and forefoot for added security and lockdown.

The traction looks like it could work but it is the one area that causes some concern with the translucent setup. Hopefully, we see some solid rubber options just in case the non-herringbone sections aren’t great.

Price and release date are currently unknown, but the shoe is on our radar so stay tuned for updates as we come across them. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts on the Jordan Supreme Elevation in the comment section below.

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  1. I don’t think I’m overstating this but if it was done right…. this could be performer of the year.

  2. If they wouldve put the red stitching on the mostly black pair this wouldve been a must cop for me!! Cant wait til these will release and go on sale!! Great tech specs

  3. I’m more excited about these than the 33s. Traction is a little concerning. Hoping these release sooner than later.

  4. Everything is A+ other than the traction. Also questioning the rubber outsole in the forefoot. If more rubber on the outside and less rubber on the inside that should give us better support laterally also prevent roll over and better mobility as well as bouncy feeling on the ball of the foot.

  5. Nike should utilize visible zoom more. Its their best form of zoom, yet the most rarely used. In the past couple years, the only ball shoes with it are these, the kds, and lebrons.

    They release so many shoes where you can barely feel or can’t feel the zoom at all. You know you can actually really feel it when you can see the zoom on the midsole.

  6. when I first saw these last year, I said that these would be my next pair of Jordans after the 32, unless Jordan brand has something else in-stored. these didn’t have some warm reception initially considering it was supposed the be the 33 but my golly, I prefer these way better than those underwhelming 33s that Jordan Brand released.

  7. There’s probably more shaping on the inside, but that’s a dull straight midsole line on the medial side. Even at the toe they didn’t incorporate a major taper or flex groove. Cushion and materials are exciting though.

  8. I like the black and white colorway although the laces or straps could have been used to add a bit more contrast to make it look much better. like white, red, etc… other than that, clean looking shoe with a lacing system that doesn’t look like it was made by a 3 year old.

  9. The Viz Zooms were one of my favorite shoes to play in back in the day. I’ve always wanted them to retro those but I will take these instead. I really like the baseball inspired pair (whether it was intentional or not). I will be keeping my eye on these.

  10. Definitely on my radar. These look like they may be super stiff but that cushion looks amazing. Even with being a team model I have a feeling these are gonna be expensive ($170 would be my guess).

  11. You all know that this is a stupid shoe right? a hideous shoe at that, and to prove my point if it didn’t have Zoom Air or visible Zoom Air none of you would say it’s fire or dope or whatever. Hardly anyone would have been looking twice at this stupid shoe. so let’s be real about that and keep things in its proper context, do I want the shoe? why not because I like Zoom Air and that is the only reason I want to try the shoe. by the way have you all noticed in recent times most Nikes and Adidas sneakers seem to share the same design language lately? there’s a lot of insider trading going on between those two companies but no new ideas meanwhile the public is getting bored ….new day same shit

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