The Jordan Legacy 312 Gets a ‘Flip 3’ Makeover

The Jordan Legacy 312 popped up in a ‘Flip 3’ inspired new look.

Some fans were cat-fished with the Don C tie-in for the first few colorways, but its become quite clear that Don C had absolutely nothing to do with the model other than picking out a few colors.

Surprisingly enough, the Jordan Legacy 312 can handle the new look. Being a tribute shoe in the first place, its been no surprise that we’ve seen so many other shoes reimagined with the new hybrid.

The latest version of the shoe boasts a full elephant print build and color blocking taken directly from a popular Air Jordan 3 Retro known as the ‘Flip’ AJ3. It’s referred to as such because the elephant print panels were flipped with one another giving the shoe a distinct look.

While we haven not yet seen this version of the Jordan Legacy 312 available Stateside, they have popped up overseas and are available at select retailers. They should be arriving in the U.S. shortly so if you like what you see, then just hang tight until they arrive.

Let us know your thoughts on the Jordan Legacy 312 below and if you’re feeling this new look.

Images via Offspring

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