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The Biggest Problem in the Sneaker Industry?

Biggest Problem in the Sneaker Industry

What’s the biggest problem in the sneaker industry? That’s the question Chris asks everyone watching today’s video. Then, he answers his own question with what he thinks is the biggest threat to both companies and consumers. He uses a comparison you probably wouldn’t believe unless you saw it for yourself.

Chris tackled a related issue in our previous video about “How to Buy Limited Shoes for Retail.” In that video, DP from SoleSavy teaches us all some easy strategies for copping hard to get sneakers. By the way, if you need help, subscribe to SoleSavy so they can properly prepare you to have a chance in today’s shoe game.

The big problem Chris talks about throughout this video is an offshoot of the “hard to get” issue we all face buying hyped shoes every weekend. Click play above to get Chris’ full and unfiltered thoughts on what’s wrong with the industry and how to fix it.

What’s in the video?

Here’s some of what he discusses:

  • History of copping hot releases
  • Today’s resale market
  • Brand loyalty
  • Fake sneakers
  • Real vs fake details
  • Manufactured hype
  • Retail, resale, or super fakes?

Let us know what you think the biggest problem in the sneaker industry is in the comments on YouTube or by messaging us on Twitter.

Watch the full video by pressing play above or by clicking here to watch on YouTube.

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