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The Best Low Key Sneakers

The best low key sneakers list is finally here. There are shoes that we think of that automatically make someone a sneakerhead. The early and classic Air Jordans. Collabs between high profile designers and big brands. Designer footwear. But, this video focuses on the shoes that anybody could wear them and people wouldn’t think anything of it. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t fresh as hell, it’s just that they’re not as hyped as the other stuff. If you’re into sneakers and you want to stay a bit under the radar, these are for you.

How to Buy these Low Key Sneakers

Nike Killshot:

Buy the Nike Killshot

Vans Old Skool:

Shop Vans Old Skool

DC Kalis:

Buy DC Kalis

Osiris Sneakers:

Shop Osiris Sneakers

Reebok Classics:

Buy Reebok Classics

What’s in the video?

In the video, Chris provides detailed information from all the usual categories, about a range of low key sneakers. He supplies expert level opinions on the materials, cushioning, traction, support, and fit. Here’s some of what he discusses:

  • “Low key” definition
  • Birkenstocks?
  • Honorable mentions
  • OG Nike Killshot
  • Vans Old Skool Style-36
  • DC Kalis 1
  • Osiris D3
  • Reebok news and direction
  • Reebok classics sneakers
  • Off-white brand heritage
  • Retail prices

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