The ANTA KT4 ‘Christmas’ Has Released

ANTA has just released the Christmas edition of the KT4.


One of the best basketball shoes of 2018, the KT4, just launched in a brand new Christmas edition colorway.

This KT4 is a mismatched pair featuring neon colors — perfect for the player that’s looking to stand out on-court rather than blend in. You can find all the performance information you need on the ANTA KT4 within its Performance Review and if you were interested in grabbing the Christmas colorway, they can be found at Famuji Sneaker. You can use code WEARTESTERS for a small discount.


  1. These are bad. The upper material looks strange, and orange/green for Christmas? No thanks. Where’s the creativity from these brands? Why can’t they figure out ways to incorporate traditional Christmas themes into unique elements into the shoe? Anyway, it appears as if the Wade line is skipping Christmas for the first time this year. They had the most classic Christmas models of any brand (WOW 2 and 3 in particular).

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