The All-New Under Armour Anatomix Spawn is Available Now Overseas

The short-lived Under Armour Anatomix Spawn is back with Micro G and all.

We reviewed both the original Under Armour Anatomix Spawn and Under Armour Anatomix Spawn 2 way back in 2014. Fast forward to 2018 and we finally have a new version of the anatomical basketball shoe.

Materials on the white colorway don’t look great, but the other two colorways look to feature a mesh build that is similar to that of the original. Plenty of strategically placed overlays look to be in place for flexibility where you want it and support where you’ll need it.

The outsole isn’t as anatomical as the original, but UA looks to have implemented more stability to this new version of the Anatomix Spawn, which is a welcome addition.

Micro G is back as the primary source of¬†cushion and we’re hoping it feels as good as it used to.

There is still no word on when these will release Stateside, but if you live abroad and wanted to give the new Anatomix Spawn Low a spin, then you can find them available now at Basket4Ballers.


  1. I still have my original Anatomix Spawns in my shoe rotation, they’re one of my favorites to play in. Hopefully these live up to the name, they don’t look nearly as cool though.

  2. I loved my anatomix spawn 2, I wore them into the ground. Will you be getting these in to do a performance review?

  3. They wouldn’t ONLY release these overseas…. would they?? That’d make me so sad. I loved the Spawn 2’s so much I bought another pair after my first wore out.

  4. I won’t hold my breath, but can we talk about the traction on these solid rubber outsole pairs?? Giving me flashes of (dare I say) KB 9

    Cool to see the Spawn “come back” — the original was truly something special. Hopeful that Micro G makes a solid comeback. Looking forward to more on these!

    Cheers to a good holiday and new year Chris and WT crew!

  5. I like how there’s that one lace loop that meets with the outsole rubber, and right ahead of it is a flex groove.

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