Did the Air Jordan 33 SE Low Just Make its First Appearance Online ?

The Future of Flight just went low.

The Air Jordan 33 looks as if it’ll have a low top rendition releasing to the public this Summer.

Tooling and cushion looks to be the same as the original Air Jordan 33. Featuring an Unlocked large volume Zoom Air unit in the forefoot and a large volume Hex Zoom unit in the heel. Traction on the lows looks to be starting out with solid rubber which should be good news for those looking to grab a pair for basketball.

The FastFit system is back, but looks to be refined quite a bit. With rear cables for heel lockdown, a large ankle strap, and midfoot cross-straps. This version of FastFit looks like it’ll provide greater lockdown than the mid top.

Materials look to be the same with lightweight mesh, synthetic overlays and a rear panel that looks to pay homage to the Air Jordan 3’s classic Elephant Print panels.

An official release date and pricing are currently unknown, but Eastbay.com shows the Air Jordan 33 SE being available starting April 4. Also, eBay seller agiwolf is currently selling this pair in a full size run for $179.99. However, we expect the shoe to retail for under the $175 mark that the mid tops are listed at.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the Air Jordan 33 SE Low below in the comment section and if you’re interested in trying out a pair upon release.

Thank you to WearTesters reader @ijapino for the heads up!


  1. This one looks closer to the third air jordan.
    Love the updated design, can’t wait for more colourways of this

  2. That heel tab looks like some bugs bunny cartoon version of a heel tab. I dont know what they were thinking with that. The elastic band is kind of an eyesore, too.

    Something the 33 had going for it was it generally looked good. This doesnt as much to me. The elastic band I could understand if it improves performance, but that heel tab seems like a designer added it as a joke and it somehow got through to production.

  3. Hate the pull tab. Functionally I hope keeping the lacing mech is worthwhile. I mean I get it, if they went with laces it wouldn’t be so distinctive as a 33 anymore. The rest of the shoe didn’t sound like anything to write home about.

  4. Looks cleaner overall without thise flimsy looking cords running over the top of your foot, still a pass for me though.

  5. I can see the design cues doing into the pull tab, which mimics the heel tab of the AJ3. Not a big fan of it, but maybe in person, it won’t be as distracting. I really dig this updated look to the shoe. The design is closer to the 3 than the previous iteration, and the colorway is a great homage to the OG white cement. I’ll be keeping my eye out for these. Hopefully, these are easier to get on, and the function of the fastfit works a bit better. Didn’t have much luck with the mids.

  6. 1 and 1/2 step forward, 1 step backward. finally a refined 33 but what the heck is up with the “giant” pull tab? they took away 1 eyesore and replaced it with a new one. on the otherhand, it is quite tolerable for me compared to the old 33 design. but still, the 2X3 would kick these off as it’s ugly brother.

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