The adidas D Rose 4 Retro is Coming

A Retro adidas D Rose 4 is coming in 2019.

adidas D Rose 4 Performance Review

One of my favorite D Rose models pre-Boost era is returning!

Traction on these bad boys was money. So was the next gen PureMotion setup. The adiPrene cushion used should be swapped out for Bounce — but I doubt that will happen. However, it’d be a great look to silently ‘Protro’ these old D Rose shoes. But what do I know. I’m just a consumer.

Rumors have these releasing in March 2019. Not sure if that is China only or if these Retro models will make it over here to the States. Hopefully U.S. consumers see some of these re-releases in stores.

Share your thoughts on the adidas D Rose 4 Retro below and stay tuned for updates.

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  1. Give that man a view more sigs and make those retros later. And show some love with those sigs (shoe box for example). He should have been on the allstar roster this year.

  2. I still wear mine for hooping every once in a while. If the retro’s have bounce, I will definitely get a new pair.

  3. I love that puremotion outsole and would kill to have it with some boost. The lack of cushioning was its only drawback.

  4. They need to change the cushion on the early retros. I liked how some looked but the cushion was horrible

    1. Those weren’t only his best shoes but he had his best seasons in those shoes. The Rose 1’s made me an Adidas believer….that didn’t last long!

  5. If we could just get a non-plastic upper on these, that would be great. Hell, even synthetic leather. The upper on the pair I had made that annoying pop at the flex point that I couldn’t ever get to go away, even after breaking them in.

  6. Wow. Has it really been 6 years? I bought several colorways of these (some still deadstock) because I liked how they looked and because they were rated well. Unfortunately the cushion is pure a$$. AdiPrene is the devil.

  7. Still have my 4 and 4.5. I trashed my 4.5 quite a bit to the point the upper peels at some crease points. Would’ve liked a hybrid of the 4.5’s lacing pattern and the 4’s upper material..

    Pictured colorway is nice. But no disrespect to Derrick, would’ve looked way cooler without that print.

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