The adidas D Rose 1.5 Retro to Come in ‘Black/Yellow’

More colorways of the adidas D Rose 1.5 Retro are still to come as a ‘Black/Yellow’ colorway surfaces online.

A fan favorite amongst the adidas D Rose signature series of footwear, the adidas D Rose 1.5 saw a Retro release earlier in 2019.

While we haven’t seen or heard much about the Rose 1.5 since the initial ‘Black/Red’ version dropped, it looks as if we’ll finally see some new colorways of the shoe releasing soon. This version isn’t much different from the ‘Black/Red’ rendition, but they offer a slightly different pop of color with bright yellow highlights with a splash of pink.

I’m not a huge fan of the aesthetics of the D Rose 1.5, but this is a colorway I do like. The brighter tones are not too in your face while offering a fun take on the adidas Hoops classic.

I’m very behind with performance reviews, thanks to a calf tear injury I suffered from about three months ago, but my leg is feeling much better now so I’ll be ramping up the filming of the reviews for the shoes I’ve finished testing as soon as possible.

There is no release date scheduled at the moment, but these official images from adidas have me thinking we’ll see this colorway available sometime this summer season.

via US11/adidas

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  1. Wouldn’t want to speak ahead of Nightwing’s review, but one cool thing is I’m finding that the Rose 1.5 is very welcoming to aftermarket insoles. Most of the time, I’ve found aftermarket insoles a bit too wide for current basketball shoes.

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