Test Shoot: Stio Divide Collection

This edition of Test Shoot presents the Stio Divide Collection, a pairing of two pieces (among four total pieces) including the Stio Divide Tech Tee SS and the Stio Second Light Short.

Sun protection, flatlock seams, fast drying. Those are all much-wished-for features in training apparel but still often overlooked or not thought of. They’re precious little attributes that weigh-in big for lifestyles of all kinds — and yet, a company in sleepy Jackson Hole, Wyoming, manages to get it right on all counts.

Modeled by Jay Lamar Allen, the Stio Divide Collection is made to last and help you last through rough bouts of perspiration and UV rays. The apparel is constructed with poly/cotton blends featuring FreshGuard jersey fiber and UPF 15+.

You can go to stio.com for more information.

Enjoy, the Divide Collection by Stio.

Stio x JLA x WT-1

Stio x JLA x WT-3

Stio x JLA x WT-6

Stio x JLA x WT-11

Stio x JLA x WT-12

Stio x JLA x WT-10

Stio x JLA x WT-18

Stio x JLA x WT-19

Stio x JLA x WT-4

Stio x JLA x WT-8

Stio x JLA x WT-13

Stio x JLA x WT-14

Photography, direction, and words by Sandy Dover. Modeling by Jay Lamar Allen. Exclusively for WearTesters; Creative Commons-licensed usage permitted.

Special thanks to Stio.

Sandy Dover

Sandy Dover is the special features photographer and creator of the WearTesters x "Test Shoot" series; he also serves as a social media manager and review writer for the outlet. Formerly of ESPN, SLAM, and Yahoo!, Sandy is a White House-vetted and U.S. Senate-recognized media multihyphenate with extensive, multifaceted work in communications, strategy, and marketing in boutique/startup, corporate, and nonprofit spaces throughout multiple industries, including footwear.


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