Test Shoot: Stance x Iceman

George Gervin, known prominently as “The Iceman,” is one of the most prolific players in basketball history. Known for his “cool as ice” demeanor on the court, The Iceman is an ABA and NBA legend for his many years with the San Antonio Spurs (he did spend a little time with the Chicago Bulls, but we’re going to forget that even happened). To honor the man, Stance created a limited edition Stance x Iceman Sock to bring the cool to feet across the world.

That said, the Stance x Iceman sock was so limited that it is no longer available online. However, you can find more premium collections from Stance, including more of the NBA Legends Collection. You can shop those looks below, after you check out the shots of this latest Test Shoot, photographed by yours truly.

Thanks to Stance for making such an excellent product. Moreover, it’s something with heritage that can go a long way in representing the legacy of the NBA, even if just on your feet and legs.

The Stance Men Collection can be shopped here. The Stance NBA Shop can be shopped here.

Photography by Sandy Dover. All rights reserved.

Exclusively for WearTesters.

Sandy Dover

Sandy Dover is the special features photographer and creator of the WearTesters x "Test Shoot" series; he also serves as a social media manager and review writer for the outlet. Formerly of ESPN, SLAM, and Yahoo!, Sandy is a White House-vetted and U.S. Senate-recognized media multihyphenate with extensive, multifaceted work in communications, strategy, and marketing in boutique/startup, corporate, and nonprofit spaces throughout multiple industries, including footwear.


  1. My dad would love these. A couple years ago he was flying out to Seattle for a business trip, and who is he seated next to? The Iceman himself. Flying coach too. I guess he was a very normal guy, bought my dad a drink in the airport bar after they landed. Sadly, no one else on the plane recognized him.

  2. Copped a pair several months ago from Marshalls. Guess they weren’t that limited of an edition lol. They are pretty sweet tho!

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