Test Shoot: Revtown Decade Denim

When Revtown reached out to the WearTesters squad I was skeptical because the brand was offering “performance jeans.” However, now that I’ve worn Revtown Decade Denim for two weeks I know it is legit.

Revtown is an apparel company born in the rust belt that sells directly to consumers. It has combined the knowledge of masters of craft at Italian fabric mills and denim wash houses with leading designers in athletic apparel to create the best jeans I have ever worn.

Our Test Shoot segment is designed to highlight good product that hasn’t gotten enough attention. This is not a sponsored post, and I hate to sound like too much of a fan, but I can’t stop wearing these jeans.

Revtown Decade Denim Test Shoot 2

I have been testing Revtown’s Decade Denim in ‘Steel Grey’ in the Sharp cut and I love the fit. Constructed from Revtown’s proprietary material — premium Italian yarn mixed with four-way dynamic stretch and some of the strongest fibers in apparel — the jeans do not need to be broken in or treated carefully like luxury jeans I have bought in the past.

I have wrenched on old motorcycles in these jeans, run all around New York in the rain in these jeans, squatted in these jeans, hooped in these jeans, and washed them several times without issue. For $75 a pair I think this may be the best deal in jeans under $100. I was also able to try the Revtown Standard Crew t-shirt and it now my go-to undershirt. Keep an eye out for a performance review of both the jeans and t-shirt in the near future.

You can learn more about Revtown Decade Denim by heading to RevtownUSA.com.

Revtown Denim-1

Revtown Denim-2

Revtown Decade Denim Test Shoot

Revtown Decade Denim Test Shoot 1

Revtown Decade Denim Test Shoot

Revtown Decade Denim Test Shoot noah goldowitz

Revtown Decade Denim Test Shoot 3

Revtown Decade Denim Test Shoot 5



  1. Thanks for the review!

    Do you know what the fabric mix is? (like %cotton, %poly, spandex, etc). Sometimes this is listed on one of the size tags. Would be awesome to know!

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