Test Shoot: FILA Spoiler ‘Royal Beginnings’

For some of the first snow in New York I had to get out and shoot — so I brought the FILA Spoiler ‘Royal Beginnings’ with me.

When we first caught wind in February that FILA was bringing back the Spoiler I knew I had to have a pair. It was a classic worn by Grant Hill (one of my favorite players) and it had a strap — I was sold.

In November, FILA launched its ‘Royal Beginnings’ pack and the Spoiler from that drop was calling me. I didn’t know you could get pigskin suede for $90, but this suede is legit. Add gold embroidery and gum bottoms and you’ve got a winner.

Fit note: I’m a widefooter and after rocking the sneaker for a few days I know I could have gone down half a size for a better fit. Also, make sure you give this tooling time to break in.

The FILA Spoiler ‘Royal Beginnings’ is available now at fila.com for $90.

FILA Spoiler Royal Beginnings 0

FILA Spoiler Royal Beginnings 3

FILA Spoiler Royal Beginnings 10

FILA Spoiler Royal Beginnings 5

FILA Spoiler Royal Beginnings 11

FILA Spoiler Royal Beginnings 6

FILA Spoiler Royal Beginnings 7

FILA Spoiler Royal Beginnings 4

FILA Spoiler Royal Beginnings 1

FILA Spoiler Royal Beginnings 2

FILA Spoiler Royal Beginnings 8


Modeling by Noah Goldowitz. Photography by Katie Stoutenburgh, post-production and words by Noah Goldowitz.

Exclusively for WearTesters. Some rights reserved.

Special thanks to FILA.


  1. I love the color blocking and matching on this model three simple colors. Somehow it feels cool for it to have 4 FILA brandings on the front because it feels like a FILA design. Recall the 90s/2000s FILAs worn by Grant Hill, Mashburn, Webber, Stackhouse, all had the FILA branding prominently shown.

    The straps on the midfoot and on the lateral and medial sides plus the gum bottoms screams classic.

  2. Yeah I’ve owned 2 Fila sneakers (Disruptors and a tennis looking one) and both I went half size down. Even if Grant Hill was healthy during his prime I don’t think he would have stuck with Fila considering their cushion sucked. But then again back then it was only Nike and Reebok who had innovative cushion.

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