Swizz Beatz Unveils the Disruptive Kind x Reebok DMX, Ushers in DMX for 2018

If you’re a fan of the Reebok DMX line then you should be a happy camper come 2018 because Swizz Beatz just unveiled something dope.

An upcoming collaboration with Disruptive Kind and Reebok, this shoe sits atop that classic DMX pod tooling from the ’90s and early ’00s. After speaking with several Reebok designers, the word is that DMX is coming back heavy in 2018 — so keep your eyes out.

While the forefoot and heel do not appear to be connect for the transfer of air between them, the metallic plate and decoupled build should offer a similar feel to the InstaPump Fury.

With Swizz Beatz unveiling a DMX-equipped sneaker at the top of the year, Reebok fans can rejoice. When we can share more, we’ll update you. (Let’s hope the Reebok DMX 3D Rush returns.)

swizz beatz disruptive kind x reebok dmx 2

Photo via @therealswizzz


  1. Loved DMX tech. Had a few cheap runners in HS. I was excited to pick up a pair of DMX run 10 a few years back but was disappointed that they took out the tech. The DMX run 10 dropped again this past year (2017) however I couldn’t get an difinitive answer on wether or not the tech was removed or not. Hope to give these or another model that’s not so flashy a shot or if it hits the sales rack lol.

    1. The DMX Run 10 that released in 2017 is DMX Foam. I will probably cop a pair when it goes under adr$70.

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