StockX’s Nick Engvall Flaunts a New Crazy Explosive Colorway

After showing you all the latest D Rose 7 colorway, another fluorescent option, the comments have been clamoring for more subdued colorways of adidas’ latest bangers. Well, one is coming.

StockX’s director of content, Nick Engvall, (who also runs the @ShowMeYourStripes IG page for you adidas fans) showed off a black and white Crazy Explosive Primeknit that is drop dead. The tonal black upper works well with the sparse white branding hits at the tongues and heels. The only thing adidas could’ve done to send it over the top is black Boost. Just mentioning that…now I need a change of pants…

Let’s hope that this colorway is coming soon because I know many people that are eager to purchase it. And if we could get that black Boost…Thoughts? Share them below.

UPDATE: This colorway releases October 1!



  1. I wasn’t really feeling like picking up a pair (i don’t prefer the “mushy” type of cushion) but in this CW i think i’ll have to consider

  2. I might just have to get these instead of the Black D Rose 7’s. These look clean!!!! And like Trezz said, the wife will just have to understand!!!

  3. WAIT…sources online say the AW “Home” PE drops Oct. 1 and the “Triple Black” drops Oct. 10? Could that mean black boost is dropping the 10th?!!???Now Iiiiii need a change of pants…

  4. white looks cleaner as boost in any other color just looks odd to me. They could also just use non-translucent cage and outsole to make the boost more discreet.

  5. Wait….is this the rumored all Black colorway???

    Doesn’t seem all black to me, since the outsole is translucent and not black and the BOOST is not black,

    I was hoping the outsole to be SOLID Rubber and not translucent,

    Kinda Sad.

  6. *****The all red colorway of the Adidas Crazy Explosive Prime Knit is on sale on the adidas website for $105!!! Scoop them up while you can!!! A straight steal!!! Have an amazing day everyone!!!

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