Stephen Curry’s UA Curry 4 for Game 3

The UA Curry 4 is looking really good. Like, really good.

If you’ve been watching the NBA Finals then you’ve likely already seen Stephen Curry debut the Under Armour Curry 4. However, tomorrow, in Game 3, Curry will showcase the first ‘Away’ edition featuring a black upper, white tooling and an translucent outsole with gold branding. This build isn’t too far off from one of the Photoshop concepts that we published yesterday.

The white version of the shoe featured a really nice synthetic leather overlay on top of the knitted upper. These appear to use synthetic nubuck which means we could expect some really awesome versions of the shoe this season that mix a little bit of old (leathers and nubucks) with a little bit of new (knit).

Check out the UA Curry 4 in the Black/Ice colorway and let us know your retail price predictions for when the shoe releases this fall.



via @NBA


  1. I gotta say, with all of the new kicks being shown by Nike this playoffs, the debut of the LBJ Soldier, KD’s new kicks and the Hyperdunk, Steph’s new shoe kicks them all deep in the ass. Whoever designed these and The Rock’s training shoe, needs to get a big pat on the back. Adidas and UA are stealing much thunder from the swoosh right now.

  2. @Secular Human:

    Totally agree with you. Nike shot themselves in the head when they ruined their negotiations with the Curry family. Then UA came in with great shoes at an affordable price, and Adidas did likewise. Those two have put so much pressure on Nike that they had to start lowering their prices. Even retro Jordans are cheaper, and they don’t sell out as quickly anymore! I love it!!

    1. I’m not sure where all of these great UA shoes are. Market size Nike still dwarfs both Under Armour and Adidas. Anecdotally, I play a lot of basketball and I have never seen anyone play in Curry’s or any other UA basketball shoes. The 4’s are looking a lot better, although I don’t the difference between these and Hyperdunks or even the Soldier 11’s. I think its because we’re rooting so hard for Curry to have decent sneakers that we give him all the credit, whereas another brand would be “meh.”

      1. Subjective comments that suggest, “I play a lot of basketball and I have never seen anyone play in Curry’s or any other UA basketball shoes”, are limited to where you live and play. Considering that and then the constant online presence of Nike’s boiler room, those who will say anything pro Nike, even though it may be dead wrong, should be taken with a grain of salt. That said, there is no doubt that basketball shoe sales are down, the data available proves this. If Nike, ” still dwarfs both Under Armour and Adidas, ” this means that Nike has lost a nice chunk of the market share as well. This isn’t about simply rooting for Curry, Nike has made it pertinent due to the piss poor construction and unseemly pricing they have promoted, to discuss what other brands are offering through the endorsement of an incredibly popular player, and brand. Curry stayed HURT under Nike. As soon as he got with a company that took measures to help protect him, he got healthy. That alone made me try, and then enjoy their product.

        I live in NYC, and I see all brands being worn here. Depending on age, I see many teens, 13 to sixteen, especially in leagues, wearing Curry’s shoe more than anything else during the summer, so hey, something is going on.

  3. It depends on the tech they are gonna try and sell you. The 3s were supposed to be advanced, but they kinda bombed. Plus, if they win the championship and lower production numbers the hype will be back. It would be a great idea to put them back to $120, but realistically I see them keeping it at $130 or $135.

  4. Looks just like the build of the PG1 with the translucent bottom. Looks really well made let’s just hope it’s comfortable.

  5. Under armour is really turning up on the curry 4 which is smart after the dud that was the curry 3. I think retail depends on how the warriors do in the finals, if they win prob 130-140. These are so good looking im buying them the day they come out no matter the cost.

  6. I dont love the nubuck but the shoes still look nice. I prefer the white ones. hopefully there will be a black cw in a different material at some point. gotta think a blackout cw will show up down the road

  7. I think this will retail at around $160. Like all the previous versions which is priced here in the Philippines at around 8 to 9 thousand pesos. Shoe is dope af though. Will definitely cop one especially this colorway or if there’ll be a black and yellow cw.

  8. Loving this look, very Cam Highlight trainer, this is what UA needs, more outspoken, individual design, instead of trying to fit-in with the rest, try to stand-out.

  9. Hmmm…..clear soles and nubuck uppers. Sounds very familiar. Welcome to 1990 UA! Looks like you took what made the Jordan 5 great and made your own bastardized version.

  10. Silhouette/sole looks like last years hyperdunks. Black looks cool but nothing really “new”.

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