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Here’s a Stateside Alternative to the Harden B/E, the Mad Bounce

adidas mad bounce 5

It’s 100 bucks, uses a seamless FusedMesh upper, and rides on Bounce cushioning. Sound familiar?

The adidas Mad Bounce is a takedown of a takedown — allow me to explain. The Harden Vol. 1 tooling ditched the Boost, replaced it with Bounce, and added a bunch of leather to create the Harden B/E (right now, still an overseas exclusive, but you can check out our Harden B/E performance review for more information).

Then, adidas took the Harden B/E, tossed the low-cut leather and mesh upper,  replaced it with an engineered mesh upper that, from the pictures, looks very interesting, and sat it atop the Bounce tooling created for the Harden B/E.

adidas mad bounce 7

Now, we have the adidas Mad Bounce, a budget basketball model that should offer a quick and low-profile ride. The seamless upper features areas of support and stretch for a custom fit, and a solid rubber outsole for traction.

If you’re interested in the Mad Bounce you can find it on adidas.com for $100 now. Oh, and it’s available in triple black.

adidas mad bounce 6

adidas mad bounce 8

adidas mad bounce 3

adidas mad bounce 4

adidas mad bounce 1

adidas mad bounce 2

adidas mad bounce 5

adidas mad bounce 9

adidas mad bounce 10

adidas mad bounce 11



Source: adidas

  1. We have the Harden BTE down here in Mexico too, but these look better to me. I hope adidas brings them too.

    1. No.. adidas budget models are the worst, aesthetically looking that is. Just look at the light em Up and the 773. Their outsoles look decent but the upper design especially the collar and logo placement looks so ugly. I think Li Ning, Peak, Anta wins the best aesthetics for budget models since most of their shoes are around $100.

  2. It looks basic, but in a good way; it gives off a “I’m just here to hoop”, all-business vibe. It looks better than the Harden B/E, and costs less. I’d get this over that if the traction is good.

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