Sole Stacks Kick Starter is Almost There

etagere-sneakers-sole-stacks-1Sole Stacks are a phenomenal new way to stack and display sneakers. Organized in triangles, instead of rectangles, wasted space is eliminated. This storage method is also incredibly versatile and lightweight and is able to be freestanding or bracketed to a wall. Jacob Garcia, the creator of Sole Stacks, has raised almost half of his $10,000 goal. With nineteen days to go before the Kick Starter is up, you still have time to donate. The rewards are pretty great; with a donation of $60 or more you will receive a 5-Stack, sketchbook, and sticker that would be delivered in April of 2015.

You can head over to the Sole Stacks Kickstarter to learn much more about this upcoming storage system. Check out the video below and let us know what you think about Sole Stacks.

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  1. This is an awesome concept! I hope this takes off because I would definitely consider buying a stack shelf.

  2. Some of the flimsiest wood for shelving I have ever seen… And those wall mounts, they’re placed at non-weightbearing locations. Nice concept, but execution needs fine-tuning… I can wait.

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