Sneaker Farm Brings Us the Triple White adidas NMD R1

Sneaker Farm has already blessed the public with early releases of the black/blue and grey/white adidas NMD and now we get the Triple White, just in time for summer.

Bringing the hottest (non) colorway to arguably the hottest shoe of the season only makes sense, and getting them now, before the shine wears off, is even better. If all-white is your style, you can purchase here for $169.49. If comfy is your choice but all-white is asking for nasty before May, they do still have the grey and black NMD and the grey R1 available here.

nmd 2 nmd 3 nmd 4



  1. Dudes at Nike grabbing fire extinguishers like “dude how I do put out teh fire?!?!?!?!+1”

    1. When have we ever published anything that pointed anyone to a fake site? When have fake sites carried the items this one does? If you feel uncomfortable with a seller then simply don’t buy from them. But to say something doesn’t look legit to you is just ignorance.

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