The Sitdown is Live Tonight at 10PM ET with Guest @OhItsTeddy aka #BoostGod

Last week, The Sitdown, your uncle’s favorite Internet radio show, came back after a long hiatus. Now, episode two of season four streams live tonight with guest Teddy Safarian, aka OhItsTeddy aka BoostGod.

After asking BoostGod to come on the show last week, tonight should offer insights into what exactly Safarian does and how he achieved his Internet fame. I’m sure Drew and Jay will rail this dude with questions so don’t miss it.

To tune in, stay posted to @TheDonDrew on Twitter and The Sitdown YouTube channel. Let us know if you’ll be listening.


  1. LOL! I only watched parts of the last one posted here but I saw them basically calling him out. Should be interesting.

    1. It was aight. I feel like we pretty much know what Teddy is doing, and that’s fine — he’s cashing in. What are Drew and Jay trying to protect? I don’t understand, and they were pretty catty lol

      1. Dude I tried to watch it, but closed out immediately as that one dude started to get all douchey with his first question, I didn’t even here his full question, but his tone – you could tell they were just having Teddy on to try and shit on him. Teddy’s cool and keeps it real, I’m not a brand loyalist like him but he doesn’t get all bitchy at others like those two schlubs, when talking about shoes, for christ sakes shoes. Hell I wish less people liked Adidas less so I could get their shoes a lot easier lmao. Why would you want everyone to like what you like and wear what you wear?

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