Revisiting Dwyane Wade’s Air Jordan Signature Sneakers | Jordan Fly Wade and Fly Wade 2

Dwyane Wade has officially retired so we’re revisiting his Jordan Fly Wade and Fly Wade 2.

These are two models that I remember loving when they originally released. After revisiting both models, only one of them still holds that position.

Before Russell Westbrook, Dwyane Wade was the face of Jordan Brand. Wearing models that ranged from the current team shoe, the latest signature, the Air Jordan Alpha 1 — Wade wore each model proudly and had fans buzzing about a potential signature shoe. Enter in the Jordan Fly Wade series.

The Fly Wade series might have been the best short lived signature line we’ve seen from a performance perspective. The Wade 1 still plays well overall, but leaves some things to be desired. Meanwhile, the Fly Wade 2 improved upon each aspect I didn’t love while introducing, what I still feel is, the best interpretation of Lunarlon in a basketball shoe. While the Fly Wade 2 was great, my top performance pick in 2011, it had fans of the line wondering what was to come in the Fly Wade 3 — a model that saw the sample stage but never made its way to retail.

It was fun revisiting the Jordan Fly Wade and Jordan Fly Wade 2 after all these years. Maybe you have fond memories of one (or both) of the model(s) or maybe you don’t. Either way, let me know what you remember from this era of basketball shoes and if you feel we’re far more advanced now or if we still see much of the same in today’s footwear.


  1. My Fly Wade 2’s were one of my favorite shoes ever to play ball in. I had the Biscayne colorway and swapped in neon green laces to make it look like a joker colorway and thought I was the shizz. I mean, I was.

  2. These came out at a time when my “sneakerdom” (and playing days) were probably at their lowest. The whole fuse phase is one that I absolutely hated (both visually as well as performance-wise since I have a Shrek foot) and I REALLY don’t want to EVER see come back

    1. LOL! I agree about the fuse. The fuse phase was when I was playing the most basketball for fun. It was just terrible. I don’t even have a wide foot and still absolutely hated it man.

      1. Yeah that flimsy plastic feeling was terrible but the overall shape and durability was great.

  3. I had these shoes but played in them only three times. Even though everything about them was beastly, the back of the shoe kept scratching my heel to the point where it started bleeding. All three times my heels started bleeding.

    So until today, I still rock these casusally.

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