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Do you prefer real reviews or do you just like to consume content?

We were asked what our thoughts were on shillers vs real reviewers so MJO23DAN and I sat down to discuss.

There are pros and cons for each type of content so everything really just depends on your perspective and what you look for when consuming content. Obviously, there are dubious “reviews” that are simply published for clicks and revenue instead of helping consumers; if the masses support that type of content then that shows those that create it, and the brands, that it’s what people really want vs. a quality informational review.

Brands and viewers truly dictate the success of a YouTube channel — and a website like this one — so sound off below and share your thoughts on the subject.


  1. I feel that reviews need to explain what a sneaker does(that’s key), I don’t mind if a reviewer tells it in his experience of the sneaker(as long as experience doesn’t replace factual-performance), I can’t deal with posturing, and posing though(especially the ‘loyalty declarations’ annoy me).

  2. Straight facts guys, great video. Personally, I definitely prefer real reviews (like yours) as opposed to guys trying to promote a product/brand/etc. Keep up the good work!

  3. From a viewer perspective, it’s annoying to sift through stuff, but that might be their grind one way or another. There are sleazier ways to make a living, and while I turn away from giving them a view/click for content that’s hollow, I can’t tell other people what to sheep on.

    On the flipside, I used to be more selective of which reviewers to follow, and over time I’ve liked accounting for differing approaches. Even that one newish duo sounding like they jump the gun on reviews say some things that hold water. The only time I’ve had to actually try on in-store is when I was debating half-size up for once with the QS Kyrie Low (kinda forgettable shoe btw).

  4. Slightly off topic… For PERFORMANCE reviews its also extremely important the wording used when videos are listed. When you’ve only played in the shoe once I’m fine with people giving an initial impression but don’t list the video as REVIEW. Say something like First Impressions, Day 1 run, or something like that. You don’t need to be as thorough as Chris and play on multiple courts (some people don’t have that luxury) but at least wear the shoes for a week. Minimum. When people list videos as Reviews and they barely tested the shoe its clearly CLICKBAIT and I lose trust for that reviewer.

  5. No man, I love it that you show genuine interest in the quality or lack of it and try to adress Jordan.
    I follow some people in the sneaker business like Matt Powell who is an expert on the sales of sneakers and he points out Jordan has lost touch with consumers. Even with those nrg releases.
    To me Jordan should do two things: 1 is make technically upgrade and quality perfect retro’s. And 2, give designers carte blanche in designing new models which only relate to Jordan brand by the logo, so you create new history for the future.

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